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Special Spring Flowers and Where to Put Them

March 18th, 2013

Spring is afoot and it’s all about the flowers. Known for giving us fresh blooms that look and smell great, this season adds a fresh feel to our homes. However, our homes need more than just any ordinary flowers; we need something special for spring.

I’ve rounded up a list of spring flowers that will make your home extraordinary.

Fawn Lily


The fawn lily is a beautiful white erythronium native to North America. It has slender white petals and a handful of dainty yellow stamens inside that adds a look of femininity about it. It’s a hardy plant, which means it thrives in adverse climates; it can withstand cold temperature and stay stagnant until it blooms in spring.


Fawn Lily
Photo from nordique via flickr, CC BY 2.0


Where best to put it:

The best place to put your pristine, lovely fawn lilies in is the dining room. The long, slim petals perfectly reflect spring and make dining much fancier. Put three to five fawn lilies in a clean wide-mouthed jar with fresh water and place it in the middle of your dining table. This also works for al fresco dining in your backyard during warm, sunny days.



Photo from wwarby via flickr, CC BY 2.0

Short, colorful, and lovely, primrose resonates spring in capital letters and with good reason — the primrose has quite a number of varieties and every one of them is as charming as the next. The stems are short and stout, and the petals are rounded and can range from purple and blue to yellow.

Where best to put it: Since the primrose is a short flower, you can put it in a short white vase filled with water. With its colorful petals, the primrose is perfect for your living room as it greets your family and guests with its delightful shade.


European Wood Anemone

Photo from Leo-setä via flickr, CC BY 2.0


This long-stemmed beauty has short, rounded petals and dark green leaves. The anemone blossoms from spring to autumn, so you can use it around the house far longer than most spring blooms. It thrives in temperate climates and remains dormant during the cold season.

Where best to put it: A long-neck vase works well for the anemone. Fill the vase halfway with clean water and make sure to include some leaves for a variety of color. This charming flower is suitable for your kitchen for that natural look and spring vibe. Place it by the windows or in the middle of your kitchen counter to bring diversity to your décor.


How do you add color to your home? Do you have any special spring flower you’d like to recommend?

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