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4 Fast Ways to a Better, More Stylish Bookshelf

April 8th, 2013


Spring cleaning! This is my favorite time to clean out my bookshelves, which, over the winter, seems to have collected both dust and clutter. It’s also the best time for me to do a bit of redecorating. After all, having a clean, stylish bookshelf is more appealing, plus reading becomes more enticing if all the books and magazines are organized.

Bookshelf redecorating doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive—you only need to change up your style a bit for a more attractive bookshelf.


Use boxes/jars/collections to break up the steady array of books



Don’t jam everything back into your bookshelf right after dusting! The quickest way to spice up your bookshelf is to add visual appeal by breaking up the horizontal wall of books. Grab your craft box and place it in the middle of one shelf and then put the books back in. You can also use a clock, jar, or your collection of trinkets for this project. Vases or framed photos of you and your family also work well for your shelves.

Aside from giving your shelves a visual break, inserting objects between your books adds charm to the bookcase while keeping a cozy appearance. This tip also infuses decorative flair into your rooms that you can match with your interior design.


Balance it out


One benefit to cleaning your bookshelves is that you can also reorganize your books. Before putting your books back into the shelves, sort them according to size to balance them out. I love to put the large books at the bottom shelf and place smaller books as I work my way up.



Balancing your bookcase adds a visual appeal and makes it a part of your décor. You can also achieve balance by putting sparser books at the top to have more negative space, giving your interiors a more casual and spacious look.


Paint the insides of the shelves


This is a great bookshelf design for the kids’ bedrooms! Bring cool and bright colors to your children’s rooms by painting their bookshelves. For this design tip, you’ll only need paint and a little bit of time for the paint to dry.



If you have a lot of time, though, you can paint the outside of the shelf first (white or black will do) then paint the insides with a color that will pop out. This will make a cheerful image for the space.


Stack it up


Books do not have to stay vertical all the time. Change the look of your shelves by stacking books up. You can also alternate between a vertical and horizontal arrangement to give your bookcase a visual breather. Adding small trinkets on top of the stacked books, such as small photo frames or candle holders, also brings a nice touch to the style of your shelves.



Stacking books results in a more casual bookshelf and makes guests feel that they’re welcome to read and touch your books. Not only that, having stacked books also shows a cozy style that you can easily update when you feel like it.


These bookshelf styling tips are easy to change if you want to redo your décor. Which style do you think will work best for you?


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