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Designer Styling Tips for the Perfect Spring Table Setting

April 1st, 2013

Create a designer table setting with just a few styling tips used by designers and domestic divas everywhere. And since spring is all about freshness and sunshine, you can be sure that these tips are not only quick and convenient, but also budget-friendly.

Go crazy with bright patterns for spring.

If you have simple white plates and plain silverware, do not despair. You can create a fabulous table setting by accenting these basic pieces with bold patterns.



For a table setting that says “spring,” I love to use napkins with a bright, striking pattern. Pair those napkins with your pristine white plates and voila! You now have a stylish table setting that suits the mood of the season. These bold patterns and dashing colors add charm and vibrancy to your table setting and make your plain dishware stand out, as seen in this design by interior designer Eric Cohler.

Bold patterns also add a dramatic contrast to your silverware, giving your dining table a designer touch. If you lack napkins with bold patterns, you can also use placemats or table runners to add a pop of color to your dining table.

Bring spring inside with fresh blooms.

Putting a centerpiece on your dining table can do wonders for your dining experience. Not only does it add elegance, a centerpiece also sets the atmosphere of your table.



Flowers make a great centerpiece as they are easily accessible and have a massive impact, even when arranged simply. For your spring table setting, try any of these flower arrangements from Martha Stewart. My personal favorite is the lilac centerpiece. The dark purple shade contrasts perfectly with the white vase. For beautiful spring flowers, you don’t even have to look any further than your own backyard.

Use pastel colors. Lots of them.

Mismatched glassware and plates are perfect for a shabby chic table setting! With this table setting, you can use your pastel-colored plates and glasses to form a unified and posh tablescape.



This spring table from Paula Deen combines pink vintage glasses and jadeite china to create a very lovely and utterly Southern look. For your table, pick two pastel colors that work well together and work your way around those colors. Pick a table cloth with one or both colors present and choose flowers with the same shade for your centerpiece.

This style is perfect for intimate family dinners or a dinner you’re hosting for your closest friends. You can also stick to white plates and use glassware of various colors instead.


Create a designer tablescape with these three tips. You can also get more creative with flowers, bold patterns, and colors for your spring parties and dinners.

How do you decorate your table for spring? Share your ideas here!

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