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How to Make Cute Plushies from Gloves and Socks

April 11th, 2013

Every time I clean out the closet, there are always socks and gloves with their pairs missing. Even if I search the entire house for the missing pairs, I’d have no success. The perfect solution to a handful of mismatched gloves and socks is making plushies.


Photo from kazuh via flickr, CC BY 2.0


What you’ll need:

  • Gloves
  • Socks
  • Scissors
  • Thread and needle
  • stuffing
  • Buttons for eyes and nose
  • Scrap fabric

Teddy Bear Plushie from a Glove

A teddy bear plushie made of a glove is easy since the glove already gives you the basic pattern for your teddy bear. You only have to draw or trace the details of your plushie’s hands, ears, and feet.

Using a glove is easier and requires less tracing. Because the size of the plushie depends on the size of the glove, I prefer to use my husband’s gloves to give our kids this teddy bear treat.

This tutorial from BeingInspired gives you the step-by-step procedure on how to make your teddy bear plushie.  Turn the glove inside out then trace the pattern of the teddy bear on it using a pen. Afterwards, cut the parts of the bear following the pattern you’ve drawn on the glove. Sew up the cloth as instructed then turn it outside in before putting the stuffing inside. The firmness or softness of your plushie depends on your kids’ preference so make sure that you buy quality stuffing.


lil ted


Teddy Bear Plushie from a Sock

This teddy bear plushie is utterly cute! The use of socks offers you a variety of colors and sizes to work with. And if you have really big socks, you can have bigger teddy bears for your kids.

This photo tutorial is easy to follow and the end result is adorable, too. It takes less pattern tracing than the tutorial above, making sewing easier. You’ll end up with a traditional-looking teddy bear, so when you stuff this plushie, make sure that you fill up the ears, feet, and hands perfectly. You can also use scraps of fabric to give the teddy bear a shirt or you can add ribbons to make him more colorful. A small tuft of black cloth works well for the nose while small black buttons are perfect for the eyes.

Squirrel Plushie from a Glove

This tutorial from has both photo and text instructions, which I find extremely helpful.


toy squirrel


A squirrel plushie offers a refreshing variety from the usual teddy bear plushies, giving your kids variation for their stuffed toy collection.

This glove tutorial also makes it easy to trace the pattern for your squirrel but some backstitching is required for a more detailed tail. For this tutorial, the head of the squirrel is to be folded at the back to end up with a triangular head with a pointy snout. Give the tail a little character by bending it a bit to keep the squirrel happy. The result is quite cute!

Make use of those old gloves and socks by turning them into adorable plushies! Do you have any DIY plushie tutorial up your sleeve?

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