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Picture Frame Ideas that Bring Life to Your Walls

April 17th, 2013

Make your photos more interesting with these cute ideas!

In the tradition of redecorating for spring, I like changing up my picture frames to go along with the season. Mixing old frames with new designs keeps the décor fresh and it doesn’t take a lot of effort, either. For changing up your photo frames, here are some easy and adorable ideas that will brighten up your walls.


Let’s start with the easiest idea: a clothespin frame from Shelterness! This clothespin frame has a minimalist, organized look that goes well with your spring décor.


A huge old frame will work splendidly for this project and it doesn’t need to have a back or glass protection. If you don’t have an old frame, you can nail together some wood strips to make a frame, sand the frame down, and paint it in a color of your choice.



On to the clothespin part: Put a nail on opposite sides of the frame. Make sure they are on the same level to keep the twine even later on. Have as many rungs as you want or as many as your frame allows. Afterwards, tie a piece of twine around the nail head on both sides of the frame to make a clothesline. The clothespins you clip on the twine depend on how many photos you want to show on one line. Do the same for the rest of the rungs.

Once your frame is finished, you can then pin your photos using the clothespins. If you don’t want your pictures to have clothespin marks on them, use white frames when printing out your photos or paste them on card stock to make “white frames.”

Wood Planks

If you have simple black or white picture frames scattered all over the house, use a wood plank frame to keep them interesting. While this craft project is bulkier, it still gives a different take on the same old frame. You can also use wine crates or pallets if you want something slighter than wood planks.



Nail together two planks and sand them until smooth. Then, paint them in the color of your choice. To keep this wood plank frame fresh for spring, use pastel or soft colors. Afterwards, attach your frames on the planks. Your wood plank frame is meant for vertical display, so hang your frames accordingly.

Scrapbook Paper

Scrapbook papers are quite charming. They have really pretty designs that go well with any season. This craft project from Jen’s Idea gives your room a pop of color and can liven up just about any wall.



Cut down your shelving board into squares (the instructions suggest 12″ x 12″) then coat the sides of each shelving board with varnish or brown paint. Use craft glue to attach the scrapbook paper onto the shelving board. Get rid of bubbles using a piece of cardboard or ruler. Afterwards, use distress ink along the edges to give your frames an aged look.



Print your pictures in square photo paper and place them in the middle of your scrapbook paper frames. Take note that your photos should be slightly smaller than the shelving boards. Attach hanging kits at the back of the boards then arrange them on your wall. That’s it! You now have your scrapbook paper frame tiles!


These craft projects are so easy, you need only a free afternoon to do it! Do you have more frame ideas? Share them here!

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