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5 Quick Tips for a Front Door Spruce Up

May 15th, 2013

It’s spring and I’m looking for some fun ways to spruce up the house – inside and out. At our house, weeks are full. Work, school, sports, piano, cub scouts…you get my drift. So I am always looking for quick projects that have a big impact. Something that we can start and finish in a weekend. Front doors are perfect weekend projects. If you really plan ahead, you can get it done with very little time invested and really boost curb appeal! With just a few tweaks and a bit of time, you’ll have an amazing revamp for the front door.

Paint your door


This is an undeniably easy spruce up idea! Painting is the quickest way to transform your front door. My vote is for a fun color or, at the very least, something nice and glossy. Can’t wait to try it on my own front door. For real. I have glossy-front-door envy.

Helpful Tip: If your door currently has paint, make sure you strip off the paint first then sand it before putting on a new coat of paint. This gives your front door a smoother look once you’ve finished painting on the new coat.

New hardware (or spray paint your old hardware)


Talk about an instant update. The constant change in weather wears out the door hardware, but changing door knobs every time takes too much time and effort. For a quick fix, spray paint your door knob! This spruce up solution takes about five minutes and instantly changes your front door from grimy to posh.

Helpful Tip: Use an oil rubbed spray paint like the one used here to keep your door knob looking classy.

Door knocker


Speaking of new hardware, you can also go for some chic fun by attaching a door knocker! Adding a door knocker gives your front door an additional point of interest and brings a touch of vintage to your façade.

Switch out your door mat


Spring might have arrived late here in Michigan, but it just gave me a reason to pull out new door mats! Change the mat of your front door into something lively to truly welcome your guests into your house. Nothing says “come in!” better than a brightly patterned door mat.

Customize your house number


Again, an instant update. Also, so many styles to choose from. Cottage-y, modern, vintage, traditional, block, script. Need I say more? Make the front door really stand out with personalized house numbers – and you don’t need to do any heavy lifting! Another easy way to customize your house numbers is to take them down then coat them with the leftover spray paint from your door knob. Now, doesn’t that sound quick and easy?

Fun added touches


New mailbox

Our mailbox is curbside, so I can’t change mine. But, if you have a mailbox next to your front door, it’s another great way to add a fun, decorative touch.


Add some lighting to your front door. It may be a bit more labor-intensive, but the difference it makes is huge.

Flowers and Wreaths

It’s springtime, so don’t forget to add some flowers! Potted flowers or floral wreaths are beautiful additions to any entryway. They are cheerful and welcoming, and add lots of color to your front door. You can also change them to match the season.


These are just a few ideas on how you can spruce up your front door. Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to share them!

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