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Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas

May 1st, 2013

Kitchen makeovers may seem like a daunting task! Often, kitchens are the high-traffic areas in the home and seem to cost more to update. So for those who are having a hard time getting started, here are some simple tips to help you create a beautiful kitchen.

Keep it Simple

The key to beautifying your kitchen space is to take a minimalist approach: keep it clean and simple! This style works well with traditional and modern spaces and it’s a great idea for small kitchens in medium-sized homes. Simplify with a uniform color scheme for your plates, cups, cooking utensils, and even cabinets. White is my personal favorite! Apply a fresh coat of paint on your walls and cupboards. Display all your white plates and culinary tools in one space and hide the colorful ones. The simplicity not only is pleasing to the eyes but also looks clean and exudes subtle elegance.


Wide glass windows also work wonders for the kitchen. Take off your curtains and allow natural light to stream into the room. Big windows also make your kitchen seem less stuffy.


Take big windows a bit further by installing a skylight. I love a bright kitchen and skylights are a great way to add light to your enclosed space! They’re also a good source of task lighting for your cooking preparations and culinary experiments.


To save space and prevent any clutter in your room, try keeping your plates inside drawers. Don’t forget to throw out the things you don’t need anymore as well.

Make it Rustic

Another alternative for your kitchen is to infuse it with a bit of rustic charm. A timeless and well-loved idea, this will surely be appreciated by guests and loved ones.

Instead of using the dining room, why don’t you use the kitchen for breakfasts, brunches, and lunches? Adding a farm table and some chairs maximizes your space. These table and chairs also bring a warm, natural touch to your kitchen. Soon, your kitchen will become more than a place to prepare meals, but a room where you and your family can spend time together.


Installing cost-effective wooden shelves give you extra room for ingredients, serving ware, and plates. I love the idea of stacking up the dishes to take full advantage of space. The shelves also add a vintage touch to your kitchen and are great storage options.


Simple fixtures such as a wooden dish holder or a knife rack also make a difference and bring a cottage feel to your cooking spaces.


Redecorate your kitchen with these simple but wonderful ideas and take a step closer to the kitchen of your dreams.

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