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Lovely Window Seat Ideas

May 13th, 2013

If budget were not an issue, I would put window seats in every room of my house. Seriously!  They are the epitome of form meeting function and they add so much to your décor. They are cozy. They are a great space-saving option. They let the sunshine in (cue the music). Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in….  Sorry, I digress.

But don’t you just love window seats? There is just something so comfortable and homey about them. Now, depending on which room your window seat is in, there are a lot of ways to use it. Here are some of my favorites:

In the Kitchen

Kitchens are often the entertaining hub of the home. Adding a window seat to a kitchen can help utilize the space beneath the window for guest seating. A thick, comfortable cushion will draw friends to the window seat and keep them out of the cook’s way. Don’t forget to put pillows for even more comfort and style!

Go a bit further with your décor and turn your window seat into a mini-bistro or dining nook. Make the most out of a long, narrow space by combining a window seat with a dining table.

You can use the drawers under a window seat for storing extra tableware or  cookware. A window seat is also the perfect way to camouflage unsightly radiators or exposed plumbing.

In the Family Room

Can you think of a better place to relax and read a book than in this cozy window seat? Except for sitting on the beach under an umbrella, of course!

Window seats are great for sipping hot chocolate on a cold winter day or just reading a book while the sunlight peeps through. The cozy design certainly adds charm to your family room while providing extra storage. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves flanking a window seat are great for displaying your favorite books and keepsakes.

Plus, if your window seat is big enough, you can turn it into a place to nap on a warm afternoon. Use a thick cushion to create a smooth, comfortable base and add sheer drapes for a little privacy.

In the Kid’s Room

A window seat can add a dash of playful style to a kid’s room. I mean, what child wouldn’t love this space?

But aside from making a dramatic improvement to a room’s overall design, window seats can also provide a cozy spot for children to do their homework or enjoy an after-school snack.

Your child can use the window seat as an additional seating area when friends come over. Or in this case, as a cozy bed


The built-in bookcases and drawers also allow for much-needed extra storage.

In the Office/Study

Who wouldn’t want an inspiring view while working or studying? If you’re strapped for space and don’t need more seating, turn your window seat into a desk instead. The window seat’s nooks and crannies naturally lend themselves to storing office supplies, while the addition of a lamp and bookshelves quickly transform the seat into a quiet workspace.

In the Mudroom

With all of the other rooms in the house attended to – the living room, bedroom, kitchen and study – let’s not forget the part of the house that makes the first impression on all your guests: the mudroom. A well-organized window seat, like the one pictured above, basically serves as a shoe rack and hallway closet, but is endlessly more appealing. Who knows, with a window seat in your mudroom, it may just become the most popular room in the house!

Do you have other uses for window seats?  Share with us!


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