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Memorial Day Party: A Review

May 28th, 2013

Now that the weekend festivities are over, you’re probably feeling happy and exhausted at the same time. Before you call it a day, take inventory of your event, and make notes for next year’s celebrations.  I know, it sounds a bit geeky, but it really helps to have notes to refer to when you throw your next party.

Memorial Day Party Ideas - Christmas Tree Market

photo by Poldavo/Alex via flickr. CC BY 2.0

Here are things that I usually jot down and file in my Memorial Day party folder.

Guest List

Guest lists are always helpful so you can remember who you invited and who attended or declined your invitation.  Each time you throw a party, you don’t have to re-create a guest list from scratch.  You can reference the list already on file and just fine tune it as needed.

Do not forget to add “RSVP” to your invitations. RSVPing allows you to have a rough count on how many people are actually coming. Take note of friends who confirmed they were attending and those who did not. Knowing the people who are most likely to respond will refocus your attention on those you probably need to call up.


How was the party set-up?  Did your decorations and food set-up have a smooth flow?  Document your set-up with photos so you can easily replicate it in your next party. If it lacked something, it will be easier for you to decide what details to add by simply looking at the pictures.


Have a list of the food that your guests loved. If they barely touched something, take it out from the menu in your next event. But it also makes sense to take note of the guests who are just picky eaters or those who are trying to eat more healthily. Untouched food does not necessarily mean that it is not delicious. It may just be an indication that there are food-tarians in the group.


Try to remember which food you were short of and which ones were more than enough. At my party this weekend, we had plenty of salad, coleslaw, and baked beans leftovers, but the cheesy potatoes and guacamole were almost all gone.  So next time, I will make more potatoes and less of the other items.

Games and Activities

Keep in mind the games that the guests enjoyed and those that were hard to participate in. If there are children in your guest list, take the games up a notch next year when they are a year older.

Were there enough marshmallows for s’mores in the evening? Was there enough firewood? It’s no big deal if you ran out of supplies, but if you make notes in your party folder, you will have a better idea of how much to plan for your next party.


Can you save anything for your next party – 4th of July maybe? What decorations do you need to throw out and what can you keep? Retire décor pieces that look old and dirty, and keep ones that still look neat and new.

Store your decorations in clear storage boxes. For better organization, list down the items and tape this list on the box’s cover. On the next Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Labor Day party, you can just look at the list to determine what you need to decorate your home. Store your labeled boxes in one place so they’re easy to find.


After you are done assessing your most recent party, you can now relax and take a breather. Take advantage of post-Memorial Day sales where you can snag great deals. Check out your favorite stores to find out if the item you have been eyeing for the longest time is now available at a better price.

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