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Memorial Day Party: Back-up Plan

May 22nd, 2013

In my last post, I detailed the list of things you need to prepare for your Memorial Day party. But if the weather forecast calls for rain, there’s no need to worry. You can easily move your festivities indoors! The menu and guest list stays the same, but your activities and entertainment will need to be changed up.


memorial day party meal

I actually like to set up food inside, regardless of weather. That way, I don’t have to worry about heat, bugs, and inclement weather.

As I said before, your buffet table becomes an extension of your décor. If you have to move the party indoors, just make sure that your buffet table is in an easily accessible place. The space should be wide enough for your guests to get to the food.


memorial day bud vases, memorial day napkins


Just because you are moving the party indoors doesn’t mean you have to change up all your decorations. Ambiance plays a key role in the celebrations and it’s always a great idea to keep the atmosphere upbeat. Use your flower pots to decorate the outside of the house. For your indoor décor, a quick and easy solution is to buy inexpensive grocery store flowers and put them in mason jars and bud vases then place them on tables and desks. Find some fun napkins at your local store and pair them up with DIY napkin rings especially made for Memorial Day.

Where to seat guests?

If you have to move the party inside, you have to think about guest seating. The seating arrangement depends on your available indoor space.

With the space I have, I can arrange a few tables for my guests since it’s much easier than balancing a plate on their laps. If you can’t fit in extra tables, set up chairs around the perimeter of your space then pair them up with coffee tables, TV trays, and such. If you have limited space, you can just set up chairs and have guests balance their plates on their laps, but be sure to use heavy-duty disposable plates to make it easier for your guests to eat without a table.

Bring the music indoors

Planning your party music ahead of time is absolutely worth it in the end.

Set up speakers both inside and outside of the house to make your transition indoors as easy as possible. If you don’t have enough speakers, you can always place them in a location where they can transmit sound both outside and inside, like the space beside the door.

Plan indoor games



For times when you have no other choice but to move the party indoors, you can always whip out your old board games and cards. Scrabble, Boggle, Monopoly — the activities are endless!

Don’t let the rain dampen your celebration! With great ideas like those mentioned above, you can conveniently move your Memorial Day party indoors.

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