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Memorial Day Party: Planning Checklist

Over the course of this week, I’ll be showing you how I prepare for a Memorial Day party. Right now, I’m purely in the planning stages – figuring out what I’m going to serve and how I’m going to decorate. Come back throughout the week for more tips, and find out how well my plan […]

5 Quick Tips for a Front Door Spruce Up

It’s spring and I’m looking for some fun ways to spruce up the house – inside and out. At our house, weeks are full. Work, school, sports, piano, cub scouts…you get my drift. So I am always looking for quick projects that have a big impact. Something that we can start and finish in a […]

Lovely Window Seat Ideas

If budget were not an issue, I would put window seats in every room of my house. Seriously!  They are the epitome of form meeting function and they add so much to your décor. They are cozy. They are a great space-saving option. They let the sunshine in (cue the music). Let the sunshine in, […]

Spring Decorating Accents

I love spring! It’s the end of cold Midwestern winters (snow was still flying in mid-April this year), and I can’t wait to box up my wool sweaters and coats and break out my sandals. By May (when real spring comes in Michigan!), I am always anxious to brighten things up. That may explain my […]

Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Kitchen makeovers may seem like a daunting task! Often, kitchens are the high-traffic areas in the home and seem to cost more to update. So for those who are having a hard time getting started, here are some simple tips to help you create a beautiful kitchen. Keep it Simple The key to beautifying your […]