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Jen Around the Web: Guest Post Round-Up (Part 1)

June 17th, 2013

I’ve been guest blogging recently and I can say that it’s exciting! It’s quite different from blogging for Christmas Tree Market and I enjoy the distinction. So much so that I want to take the time to give a shout-out to the blogs that gave me this great opportunity to write for them.

Without further ado, here are the posts for the awesome blogs I wrote for:

“Ode on a Bay Window” for Hatch


Bay windows bring in the sun, the sights, and the perfect chance to relax! A bay window has plenty of purposes and the list I made for Hatch is but a few of them.

“Renew Old Furniture with Color” for Iris Interiors



This post was a lot of fun! I have always been a fan of bright, bold colors and old pieces of furniture are the perfect items on which I can use these colors for. In this guest post, I detailed how you can use paint to give your old furniture a new look.

“6 DIY Planter Ideas” for Buildipedia



Adding plants to your home is always — always — a surefire way to spruce up your space. I also adore repurposing old items, so this post feeds two birds with one worm.

“Repurposed Planters for Your Herb Garden” for Common Sense Homesteading



Having a herb garden close by makes cooking easier and your dishes tastier. In this post, I listed ways on how to repurpose different items to serve as your herb garden planters.

“Lovely Cozy Spaces for Our Furry Friends” for 4 The Love of Animals



The thing that I love about designing is making spaces work. You don’t need a lot of space to give your household pet a place to sleep and play.

“Upcycling and Recycling Ideas for Home Décor” for BuildDirect Blog



In designing, even the most ordinary things can add style to a living space. I’ve collected a list of old, common household items that you can refurbish and repurpose to add chic to your décor.

Again, guest blogging was an amazing experience and I look forward to doing it again! Visit these blogs and check out their posts on making home decorating easier.

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Jennifer Lutz is a design and decorating enthusiast who has over a decade of experience staging professional home décor photo shoots. Her expertise also includes home design for special events such as holiday gatherings and family celebrations. She collaborates with clients and other design professionals to transform ordinary rooms into stunning spaces.

A mother of four lively children, she has quickly become a shortcut guru, making each holiday (Christmas in particular) a special, memory-filled event while staying within a budget and balancing a very full life. How does she do it? With creative, affordable, quick and easy projects for the holidays and the home.

  • Thanks again for guest posting on Iris Interiors. Your blog post was a popular one! You do an excellent job. I also love the post you did about creating a cozy home for pets. Keep it up!

  • Jennifer Lutz

    Thanks, Iris! And if you ever have a spot open for another guest post, I’ll definitely say yes! 🙂 – Jen