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Living Room Spruce Up: Bring Summer Indoors

June 5th, 2013

I love changing up the living room as the seasons change! For me, summer is all about adding color. I just can’t get enough of sunshine that I want it to bring indoors as much as possible. Here are a few quick tips to add some summer loving to your living room:



Change accent pieces to spruce up the sofa.


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The trick is to design your sofa around the summer season. As you switch out your throw pillows, bring in new colors such as blue, green, or yellow to give your sofa a brighter look. To simplify, pick two colors as your theme and one accent color. One of my favorite color combinations for the house is blue and white! As you can see from the pictures, yellow is the accent color I am loving this year! Lucky for me it goes with all sorts of neutrals—including my navy couch.

Bring summer into your décor.



Bring summer into your home through your décor. Place a vase of flowers on your coffee table to match your throw pillows and perk up your living room in no time. Summer is also the perfect season to display your beach finds. My five-year-old son is spending the week with grandparents at the beach, and I’m already thinking of ways we can display his sea treasures when he returns. A few ideas include putting in glass jars, vases, and bowls your favorite shells and filling a small fishbowl with sand and starfish.



Let the sunshine in.

Welcome the summer sun and breeze into your living space. If it’s not too hot or humid, open your windows during the day to let natural light into your living room. Sheer curtains are another nice addition during the summer months because they allow more natural light to pass through.



Create a reading spot in a corner of a room.



I love to read, and having a reading space, no matter how small, relaxes me. Dedicate a corner of your living room to a reading spot for your family. Choose a section by the windows to maximize sunlight and place a comfy sectional sofa in your reading corner. Add a couple of throw pillows and you’re all set!

Lastly, think comfort. Take a moment to analyze if your redesign not only works in style but also in providing enough room for traffic. The summer season can make the inside of your house stifling, so revamp your living room for comfort and ease.


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