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6 Quick Tips for the Perfect Summer Mantel

June 19th, 2013

What do you do to your mantel during the summer? With the fireplace closed up during this hot season, you can still spruce up your mantel to give your living space a fabulous reboot.

Here are some ideas on how you can add a touch of summer to that small space above your fireplace.


The easiest way to summer-ify your mantel is to use beach-inspired accents. Coral, shells, starfish, and sand dollars can immediately perk up your mantel and give it a coastal touch. But use your sea treasures sparingly to avoid looking tacky.



Bring flowers and plants inside the house! Put your potted plants in front of your closed fireplace.



Lamps are great for summer mantels since they don’t take up too much space. Combined with a small bunch of flowers on your mantel, a lamp is a great example of how simple décor works best.



Another example of simple yet cozy summer mantel décor is a row of token vintage treasures. Put bigger items on both ends. You can also paint a few pieces with a refreshing color.



White candles always look amazing on the mantel! Add a more summer-y feel to candles by placing them in jars filled with sand or pebbles.



Add summer colors. If your walls have neutral colors, adding a pop of bright red or green instantly revitalizes the room. The cardiospermum and the roses bring contrast to the cream-colored walls and create a light, airy look for your mantel.



Colorful books brighten up a space, so make use of them for your summer mantel! Arrange them on your mantel vertically or horizontally then add a few decorative pieces, such as plates or teapots, to round off the décor.



These are only few of the ideas you can use to create a summer-inspired mantel! How do you like to decorate your mantel?

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