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How to Make the Most of Summer

Making the transition from summer to autumn can creep up on you, especially here in my part of the country. Before you know it, summer will be over and you’ll be wondering where the time has gone. Whether your goal is to spend more time with friends or to just get your kids out more […]

Home Décor 101: Painting for Beginners

In our first Home Décor 101 post, we talked about how you can be your own interior decorator given the right knowledge and tools. Now that you know how to find your style, plan your home décor projects, and design for real life, let’s talk about one of the most popular and effective ways to make […]

Vacation-inspired Home Décor Ideas

Vacations are as much a story about the places we visit as they are a story about ourselves. When bonding with the family during the summer, I also get to relax. But my most memorable journeys have often been the ones where I am able to enjoy the local culture and feel of a place. […]

Best Summer Colors for Your Home Decor

Summer is the perfect opportunity to add color to your home! By simply changing the colors of your home décor accessories, you freshen up your home and give it a new look that complements the season. Revitalize your rooms with these fun and amazing home decorating ideas that incorporate the colors of summer! Sunny Yellow […]

Accessories for an Organized House During Summer

I can never wait for summer break to begin. Since my schedule slows down a bit, I just ease into the morning instead of going about the normal rush to get the kids to school and myself to meetings. But along with summer comes an endless array of “stuff” that has made its way into […]