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Accessories for an Organized House During Summer

July 17th, 2013

I can never wait for summer break to begin. Since my schedule slows down a bit, I just ease into the morning instead of going about the normal rush to get the kids to school and myself to meetings. But along with summer comes an endless array of “stuff” that has made its way into the house: dirt, used bathing suits and towels, balls, sandals…you name it! That’s why I’m always looking for ways to get myself, my family, and my house organized without using up too much of my free time. Here are some accessories to keep your house spic and span during the summer months.


Heavy-duty Hooks

I love heavy-duty hooks! They can do wonders around the home since they are so versatile. Some are even designed to complement any home style. Strategically install hooks in different areas of your home: behind bathroom and bedroom doors for towels and bathing suits, behind closet doors for your bags and coats, on the patio for the kids’ wet towels after swimming, or in the garage for tools or safety gear.



These pretty hooks from Pottery Barn Kids are perfect for your kids’ rooms or even the patio!

Wall-mounted Racks

Wall-mounted organizers are easy to install and give you adequate floor area since they take away storage boxes off the ground. They also make cleaning your space easier since you won’t have to keep moving objects around just to make sure that you’ve dusted everything.



Stash magazines and books left lying around in these birdcage magazine racks from Pottery Barn Kids.

Strategically Placed Baskets

If your house is anything like mine, summer means kids going in and out, which also mean more “stuff” to pick up. I’m constantly creating systems to deal with the shoes, bathing suits, towels, and the like that find their way all over the house.

I’ve found that placing baskets in strategic areas is an effective organization tip. You can place a basket by the stairs to collect items your kids accidentally dropped and just empty it at the end of the day. You can also have color-coded baskets assigned to each member of the family. Place these by the door and have them deposit their shoes, light jackets, umbrellas, and other items in the baskets. This way, they can easily grab their things before going out. These Ikea storage baskets are not only color-coded but numbered as well!


ikea storage basket
Photo from


I also have designated swim bags where I’ve packed clean towels, bathing suits, flotation devices, and sunscreen so that we won’t keep tracking down six swim suits, towels, and other accessories every time we go swimming.

Dual-purpose Furniture

Sometimes, you get surprise visits from friends and family during the summer. In case you’re still in the process of getting things organized, dual-purpose furniture is really handy to own. You can temporarily hide clutter in your stylish ottoman that doubles as a storage bin such as this unique piece from Ballard Designs. Just don’t forget to take the items out later on and store them in their proper places.



Chore Board

Get the whole family, even your pre-schoolers, involved in keeping the house organized. Wouldn’t it just be great for the entire family if being organized becomes second-nature to everyone, especially to your kids? To get things rolling, set up a chore board like this one from Etsy in the kitchen or home office where everyone has their designated chore(s) written down.


chore board
Photo from


If you have more than one kid, you can even have a “Rewards Day Sunday” for whoever completed their weekly chores and to encourage them to continue helping out and keeping things organized at home. The declared winner for the week gets to choose the film for family movie night or where to eat out for that day. Another great option is to pick up a bunch of fun prizes at your dollar store or Five Below. Each day, kids can earn stickers for a job well done, and at the end of a good week of helping out, they can pick a prize out of the grab bag.

You don’t have to lose your head over summer clutter. Just keep things simple and enjoy. Share with us how you keep things organized in your home.

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