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Bring Summer Camp Indoors

July 8th, 2013

Put a touch of summer camp to your décor

There’s something about summer that makes me long for lazy days at the lake and for summer camp! However, since my grown-up schedule won’t allow me to spend the entire summer by the campfire, I came up with some fun ways to bring that summer camp feel to your home. Recapture a bit of summer camp nostalgia with these quick spruce-up ideas!

Infuse character into your room through textiles

Wool Blankets

I love textiles because they add personality and warmth to the room without the hefty price tag. Whenever I think of summer camp or a lake house retreat, the first thing that comes to mind is wool blankets by iconic American brands such as Pendleton and LL Bean. They can be a bit pricey, but will last a lifetime. If these are not in the budget, however, you can find new or vintage wool blankets on Etsy, eBay, or flea markets. Another option is to check out stores such as Target and Home Goods where you can find similar cute blankets for a fraction of the price.

Throw Pillows

You can also create a summer camp atmosphere with throw pillows, which add visual interest, personality, and texture to a room.


Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest


Choose the perfect summer camp lighting


What would summer camp be without lanterns to grab after the sun goes down? You can decorate with either antiques or updated classics.

Galvanized Metal Sconces
Galvanized metal sconces call to mind rustic camp buildings. Bring some old-school charm to your house with these lights.

Mason Jars

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I’m big fan of mason jars. They are versatile, affordable, and super cute, and they also remind me of summer camp days! As summer camp décor, mason jars can be used as candle holders. Check out these other useful lighting ideas of mason jars:

mason jar collage
1, 2, and 3


Add summer camp-inspired décor pieces to your space


I know that fabric bunting is everywhere, but I can’t help myself—it’s so festive.  Here are some of my favorite patterns.

banner collage
1 and 2



Vintage signage evokes a feeling of summer ease and a simpler time. It also offers a bit of humor and whimsy to a room.

Canoe Paddles

Easy to find in a flea market, canoe paddles are a fun addition to an entryway or as wall décor.  You can even transform one into a useful little coat rack by painting it and adding a few hooks.



Deer antlers bring a summer camp cabin vibe to your décor with their natural look. You can find these on Etsy and flea markets.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest


Create a cabin-inspired guest room

Whenever I think of summer camp, I picture rooms lined with beds or bunks. Wide plank floors, wooden beams, and a few of the wool blankets above complete the visage.


This cozy front-porch-turned-guest-room just says summer camp! It grants your guests a clear view of nature and gives off a warm vibe.

Metal Frame Beds

Metal frame beds, with their antique look, are also reminiscent of summer camp.  I can just picture a dormer lined with vintage-y, metal-framed beds.  This bed is simple, practical, and adds character to your guest room!


Dormers and Bunk Beds

The comfy bed, Adirondack chair, and window treatments make this dormer summer-camp worthy! You can replicate the look by visiting garage sales, flea markets, or second-hand stores.

dormer collage
1 and 2


You can also use dormer bunk beds for your guests’ children. Bunk beds are reminiscent of camp dorms and they bring numerous gleeful adventures to the little ones!


With just a few summer camp-inspired pieces, your living spaces are given a refreshing boost. So enjoy the rest of the summer with these fun, unique additions to your home!

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