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Get the Look: Jamie Oliver’s Cottage-styled Kitchen

July 15th, 2013

British chef Jamie Oliver may be known for his delicious recipes and advocacy on eating healthy meals, but cottage-style enthusiasts far and wide are getting kitchen envy with each showing of “Jamie at Home.” Staying true to his down-to-earth style, the show’s kitchen encapsulates the cozy and warm atmosphere of the English cottage. Get that cottage look you’ll feel right at home in by taking inspiration from the warm-colored brick walls, metal pots, and open shelves in the “Jamie at Home” kitchen.

Jamie Oliver’s kitchen in Jamie at Home

Utilize woodwork

Cottage style is all about comfort and simplicity, and Jamie’s rural Essex cottage has them in spades. Start by utilizing wood for that vintage cottage ambiance. Jamie’s kitchen has open shelving for his condiments and spices and a wooden kitchen counter that doubles as a chopping board. While having your kitchen outfitted for a wooden counter might take a bit more time and money, you can get open shelving just by unscrewing the doors of your cupboards. A new coat of varnish and voila! Instant open shelves for your kitchen!


However, if you are planning on redecorating your kitchen, bead boards are a great alternative to heavy wood for your walls. You can also use your wooden accessories such as salad bowls, spoons, and baskets to complement your cottage-styled kitchen.

Use existing cottage style accessories

You can create a cottage-inspired kitchen like Jamie’s without having a complete renovation. A quick trick is to add accessories with elements connected with a rural design.


cottage accessories
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Floral Prints on White

Basic white or cream dinnerware is versatile. You can coordinate light-colored dinnerware with everything and then use accent pieces to decorate and dress up the table. With white plates, your food becomes the centerpiece, since the dishes don’t compete with the food presentation.

In the meantime, dinnerware with floral prints adds charm, texture, color, and personality to a table and to the entire room. Take your floral printed ceramics out of storage and use them for preparing and serving your meals. Floral prints are a trademark of the cottage style because they add a light and relaxed feel to your décor.

Pastel Colors

Much like floral printed ceramics, pastel-colored accessories bring a fresh, relaxed atmosphere to your kitchen. These accessories pertain not only to your serving plates, but also to your canisters, bottles, and cookware. A metal saucepan with a lime green handle will feel right at home in a cottage-styled kitchen, so will a light blue serving bowl or pastel yellow salt and pepper shakers.


Jamie Oliver keeps potted herbs inside his kitchen, giving a more rural feel to the décor. Potted herbs are not only lovely to touch and look at, but also useful and convenient for cooking healthy and delicious meals. Decorate your kitchen windows with small potted plants to keep

Mix old and new elements

Keep your cottage décor relaxed by mixing old and new elements. Something as simple as placing a vintage weighing scale next to your modern refrigerator adds character to your cottage kitchen because it is reminiscent of a country farm house and, if calibrated properly, is also a useful kitchen tool.


You, too, can get the cottage look with wooden surfaces and mixed-and-matched accessories! By adding these few details, you can have a cottage-inspired kitchen that communicates your personal style.


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