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Best Summer Colors for Your Home Decor

July 22nd, 2013

Summer is the perfect opportunity to add color to your home! By simply changing the colors of your home décor accessories, you freshen up your home and give it a new look that complements the season. Revitalize your rooms with these fun and amazing home decorating ideas that incorporate the colors of summer!

Sunny Yellow for the Kitchen


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Yellow is an instant perk-me-up color and immediately adds a happy ambiance to your kitchen. Hang one of these Crate & Barrrel kitchen towels by the counter and immediately add a friendly cheer to the space. You can also change out your dishware with something like this yellow bowl from World Market to complement the season. Lastly, bring fun to your kitchen accessories with this duck timer which quacks when the time’s up!

Turquoise for the Porch


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Updating your porch in time with the season gives your exteriors a fresh and uplifting look. Paired with white, this shade of blue not only pops out but also is reminiscent of the ocean on a warm, bright day. An affordable home décor idea is to paint your shutters, chairs, and tables in turquoise to instantly recharge your home’s façade!

Lime for the Bedroom


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Lime creates a youthful atmosphere in your bedroom, giving you the energy to start the day! Change out your pillow cases with lime-colored ones or grab this polka dot pillow case on Etsy. Add this herringbone throw to your bed for an even more invigorating space. If you want to further accessorize, use this lime wall box set from LandOfNod for your books and what-nots to utilize all that wall space.

Salmon Pink for the Living Room


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Warm up your living room with these salmon pink accessories and furniture. Salmon pink creates an energetic atmosphere perfect for a room where people get together. Start with a salmon pink rug then pair it with this cube ottoman from Majestic Home for comfy and affordable home décor. Add a couple of salmon pink swirls pillows to your couch, and round up your décor with fresh pink flowers to bring summer inside!

Pale Blue for the Bath


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Creating a tranquil setting for your bath, this lighter shade of blue is reminiscent of a day at the beach. Bring out your blue towels and shower curtains for a new look for your bathroom, and add accessories such as pale blue candles and soap dishes.

Using summer colors presents simple and affordable home decorating ideas that you can do without much effort. How about you? Where would you incorporate these fun summer colors in your home?

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