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Create Your Own Outdoor Movie Night

July 1st, 2013

Summer is the perfect season for a low-cost outdoor movie night with family and friends! There’s less chance of rain and the temperature is simply pleasant. You can create an outdoor movie night right in your own backyard with these simple steps:



Hang a Queen- or King-sized White Sheet

Use white queen- or king-sized bed sheets when screening your movie. Set your screen against a wall or fence in your yard or lawn to keep it steady against the night breeze. Make sure that the spot you choose has plenty of room for your guests.

Test Your Projector and Sound System



Aside from your laptop, you’ll also need to make sure that your projector and sound system are ready. Test out your projector and sound system hours before your guests are due to arrive. Adjust the image settings of your projector to get rid of blurriness, and make sure that the video size matches the width of your screen. Then, play a short video to gauge the clarity and power of your sound system and to reduce changing the settings while guests are already seated.

Have Bug Spray on the Ready

Because summer is pleasantly warm, it’s also the time when giant mosquitoes come out, so it’s best to keep bug spray nearby. It’s better to spray on some bug repellent before going to your outdoor movie theater. Believe me, bug sprays are great for preventing mosquito bites.

BYO Chairs and Blankets



Guests like to help out during get-togethers so I normally suggest that they bring their own chairs and blankets. Having their own chairs lets them choose where to sit and saves you time during clean-up. However, if guests arrive without chairs or blankets, bring out your extras!

Serve Popcorn, Candy, and Drinks



No movie night will be complete without popcorn and candy! Make paper cones out of newspapers (or art paper if you’re feeling fancy) and use them as popcorn and candy holders. The kids love making and using these paper cones whenever we have our outdoor movie night. They’re easier to clean up, too!



Set up a drink station where guests can just grab their own drinks. Make sure there’s lemonade and water for the little ones and soda, beer, or wine for the adults.

Light Up



I love little white lights! String lights are perfect for your outdoor movie night because they illuminate without cancelling out the image on your screen. For added ambiance, place small lanterns around the area to light up the path to your house.

Keep some more movies on hand in case you want to watch another film. This outdoor movie night is one way to have fun on a budget with family and friends.

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