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Prepare a Back-to-School Desk for Kids

August 7th, 2013

Invite creativity and better retention with these spruce-up ideas for your kids’ study table!

With a new school year about to begin, I’ve been thinking about creating quiet work spaces for my two oldest boys. Normally, homework happens at the kitchen table, but that can get a little crazy right before dinner. Here are some of my ideas for helping your kids stay organized and be on top of homework this school year.

Hang Things Up

Take advantage of all the wall space by hanging up pencil cups, small wire baskets, and mason jars on rails and shelves. Use the cups to arrange your kids’ pens, pencils, crayons, colored markers, and other craft materials. Put memo pads and notebooks in the wire baskets, and use the shelves for stickers and coloring and activity books.

I love this particular study space! The peg board is affordable and easy to find.  Paint it your kid’s favorite color and you instantly have a great-looking, functional study station.

Add Storage

Your kids may not have a lot of papers to deal with (at least, not yet), but they still need a place to put their schoolwork in. Because younger children won’t be able to keep their files organized, it would be better to keep file folders for them. In my case, I do it by color: red/orange for my 7-year-old, blue for my 6-year-old, pink for my 4-year-old girl, and green for my 4-year-old boy.

Of course, if your kids are a bit older, you can simply get a wire basket where they can put their papers and tests.

Don’t forget to place a storage bin or a colorful basket underneath the desk to serve as a container for your kids’ books and crafts.


Display Your Children’s Work

Displaying your kids’ artwork has the same effect as verbal encouragement, so tell them how proud you are of their accomplishments with a chalkboard or inspiration board. Here, you can display their finished (and graded) artwork, projects, tests, and other homework. You can also use this board to put up reminders about their schoolwork or chores.


Tell Who Owns What

If your kids share a study desk, this is a great time to label or color code folders and bins. This lessens the chances of losing or mixing important papers or projects. You can also place labels on their pencil cups and other containers to remind them where to place their stuff.

Bring order to your kids’ desks with these quick and easy ideas. If you have some of your own, post them in the comments section!


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