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Back-to-School Shopping: 10 Items for Your Kids

August 1st, 2013

Happy August!  For those of us with kids, that means back to school in a few weeks – for my kids, it’s actually after Labor Day – and most parents are probably gearing up for a busier schedule. I know it’s still summer, but with all the sales going on, now is a great time to replenish the kids’ school supplies and update their wardrobe. Here are my top 10 items for the kids’ back-to-school needs:

New Outfits for the New School Year

For me, back-to-school shopping is all about getting the most durable gear for my money. Quality and customer service are high on my shopping priority list, with style a close third. I don’t want to be replacing shoes and backpacks mid-season, so I’m willing to spend a little more upfront for these items. I also try to find out when my favorite stores are having sales so that I can maximize my money.  Some of the stores where I buy my kids’ stuff don’t always have the cheapest prices, but what I get out of them is durability. Here are a few of my clothing picks for my children:


Clothes from Old Navy: left, right

1. Clothes – For me, clothes are where I really mix hi and lo prices.  Kids grow quickly, so I am pretty content with t-shirts and cotton dresses from Target and Old Navy.   Also, with 3 boys, it’s been a lot of fun having a little girl who is a big fan of dresses.  In fact, she often refuses to actually wear pants unless it’s really cold outside. I love this girl’s dress from Old Navy, and the chambray shirt version for boys, which also comes in a fun plaid.




2. Shoes – Kids are active, so for me durability is key. Nordstrom and Stride Rite do a great job fitting kids for shoes, and the shoes I’ve purchased at both places really hold up. Ballet flats and boat shoes are always a classic, and you can never go wrong with a pair of high-cut or low-cut Chuck Taylors! I love how the pop of colors add life to the otherwise neutral tones!






3. Backpacks – For my kids’ backpacks, LL Bean is my go-to gear shop. You can’t beat the quality of their products or their customer service. I’ve known people who have had backpacks fixed/replaced years after the purchase date from this iconic American brand. Plus, their backpacks last several years, which means I don’t need to buy new bags every school year.





Classroom Supplies

Of course, your kids need all the school items they can get. Take advantage of the start of the school year to buy plenty of these school supplies since all the major brands are on sale:



4. Writing supplies – Pens, pencils, and highlighters in various colors make writing more fun for your kids.








5. Arts and crafts supplies – Let your kids be as creative as they want with an arts supplies set which includes colored pencils, crayons, and colored markers.




6. Pencil case – This adorable lady bug pouch is a fun way for kids to keep their markers organized. Or, check out this shark pencil case which is perfect for pencils and crayons!






7. Notebooks – With a monster or guitar notebook, your kids will have a delightful time writing and doodling.





A Complete Recess Kit

Your kids are sure to get hungry after a couple of hours spent in the classroom. Keep food appetizing with these recess items.


8. Lunch box – Keep your children’s food fresh with this food container or this insulated lunch box.






9. Water bottle – Make sure your kids stay hydrated throughout the day with this refillable water bottle from Thermos.







10. Sanitary supplies – These wipes from Clean Well are perfect for wiping grubby hands before lunch time, especially if the kids spend the morning outside. Don’t forget to add tissues and extra towels!








How about you? Have you already prepared a list of items for your kids’ school needs?

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