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New Ways to Repurpose Bedroom Dressers

August 15th, 2013

If you’re planning to replace your bedroom dressers, don’t throw out your old ones just yet! Remember, you can never have too many storage items in your home, so use your excess bedroom dressers in other areas of the house. Here are some repurposing ideas for your old dresser.


As a TV console


dresser collage
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Use an old bedroom dresser as a TV console in your family or living room. Since it doesn’t take up much space, you can place it against the wall or in the corner of the room. The drawers can be used to keep remote controls, extension cords, and other odds and ends. To coincide with the décor in the room, paint the dresser in a complementary color.

As a console for the entryway



Give a refreshing look to your entryway with a vintage dresser! You can use a dresser to organize shoes or boots; you can even have it hold your umbrellas, hats, and mail. You can also put bins underneath your dresser and hooks above it for the family’s go-to bags and coats, respectively.

As laundry storage



Dressers are efficient storage spaces for your laundry. Keep your newly washed linens, bed sheets, and quilts in the drawers, then use the top of the dresser as a folding table.

As a changing table



Let your dresser serve as your baby’s changing table. But first, give it a makeover by painting it in a bright color that complements the nursery. Then, place a changing pad on top of the dresser to keep your baby’s wriggling to a minimum. Now, you have a changing table and an organized storage area where your baby’s diapers and clothes are within reach. No need to jump from one place to another just to change your baby’s diaper!

As a bathroom sink



This is a refreshing repurposing idea for your dresser! With a little bit of carpentry skills and some installation, you can turn your old dresser into a quaint sink for your bathroom. Use the drawers to keep fresh rolls of bathroom tissue, spare toothbrushes, and towels. Although this home décor idea needs more work (and perhaps outside help) for its plumbing, it provides a unique spin on old dressers and instantly turns your bathroom into a shabby chic space!

Bring a rejuvenating touch to your home décor with repurposed bedroom dressers. If you have other ideas on how to turn dressers into creative storage items outside of the bedroom, share them in the comments section below!

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