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Different Ways to Use Bar Stools

August 21st, 2013

When decorating your home, it’s great when you can purchase items that you can use for more than one purpose. Bar stools fall into this category, and believe it or not, these practical seats can be used in places other than the bar. They’re also a great way to utilize space. If you have an extra bar stool lying around in the garage, then these home decorating ideas are for you.

Kitchen Counter


Bar Stool Home Decorating Ideas - A bar stool at the kitchen counter


The kitchen counter is a great place for an unused bar stool! A couple of bar stools in the kitchen not only adds style to your décor, but also gives you a place to rest when you’ve been standing for hours preparing dinner. Ask your kids to accompany you in the kitchen as you finish cooking dinner, and let them do their homework on the kitchen counter for some mother-and-child bonding.

Breakfast Bar


Bar Stool Home Decorating Ideas - bar stools and breakfast bar overlooking kitchen


You can easily turn a small corner area of your kitchen into a breakfast bar ― just add a slab of wood and some bar stools! The bar stools provide the perfect height for comfortable dining, giving you a great start to your day.

Porch Seats


Bar Stool Home Decorating Ideas - bar stools on covered porch


Adding seats to your patio turns the space into an entertainment area for your guests. For your next party, place some bar stools by the porch railings and watch as your friends have fun at your make-shift bar!

Home Office Desk


Bar Stool Home Decorating Ideas - home office


You can always use your extra bar stool as a seat for your home office desk. It’s simple yet still comfortable, and the footrest doesn’t hurt either.

Creative Space


Bar Stool Home Decorating Ideas - crafting table and bar stool for home office


Pair up your drafting and crafting tables with a bar stool, and get those creative juices flowing! It’s cheaper (a drafting table and chair set can be expensive!) and lends a charming touch to your creative space.

These are only some of the ways you can give your old bar stools new life! Do you have your own home décor ideas to share?

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