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Home Décor To-Do List

August 8th, 2013

My home décor to-do list takes note of all the home decorating projects that need to be done around the house and the progress I’ve made. And since it’s the last full month of summer, I’m starting to feel the pressure to check off some bigger projects. Here’s what’s on the list:

Combining and swapping old items

My mom just downsized some items from her home, and we acquired some new furniture because of it. This is a great opportunity to change up some of the rooms using these big hand-me-downs.

[New] headboard and footboard

This to-do project involves swapping the old headboard and footboard in the master’s bedroom with those acquired from my mom. I’m thinking of painting the pieces, if needed, to match our room’s color scheme.

Dining furniture

When I said that my mom gave me some big pieces, I mean big. We now have a new dining table and six dining chairs. The dining table holds a lot of wonderful family memories, and I’m glad that mom gave me her old dining set. When combined with my old furniture, it seats thirteen. Of course, this warms my little entertaining heart!

I’ll need to gather some home décor ideas, such as rearranging the furniture in the dining area to fit all the chairs and a bigger table. Should I need accessories, I’ll have to go back to my storyboard!

Remodeling and repainting rooms

I may have repainted the bathroom and redecorated my kitchen, but there are still more rooms that demand in-depth attention, like the bedrooms.

Older boy’s room

My seven-year-old has had a fire truck theme for the last few years and wants something a bit more grown-up. He’s also asking for some new sheets and a bed quilt. I would love to do some sort of sports theme, but nothing too crazy, though. This project will require repainting the room, rearranging the furniture, and, of course, changing out the linens. Some of my initial ideas are rugby-style linens and vintage pendants for accessories.

boys bedroom

Guest room

The guest room is a bigger remodeling project than the previous one. This particular room has floral carpeting, with matching wallpaper and border. Can you say 1985?

Everything must go!  We're losing the wallpaper and carpeting
Everything must go! We’re losing the wallpaper and carpeting.


For this guest room remodeling project, I’ll need to remove the old wallpaper and paint, then put in new hardwood floors, new windows, and better light fixtures. We’re also going to replace the bunk bed, which will be moved to the older boys’ room, with a double bed. I know it seems like a ton of work, but I’m super excited about this project!

Bunk bed to be moved to the boys' bedroom
Bunk bed to be moved to the boys’ bedroom


Landscaping the front yard


Landscape plans for the front yard
Landscaping plans for the front yard


A landscaper friend drew up plans for us earlier this summer, but a full schedule has kept us from going forward. However, I’m optimistic that September and October will be the months to get this project done.

front yard
You can see the crazy weeds that border our neighbors house, and the front of the house just needs more oomph!


Of course, my home décor to-do list also includes sprucing up, cleaning up, and organizing stuff, but those are par for the course. The ones listed here require more attention and careful planning. I’ll be posting here how successful I’ve been in crossing off the items in the list, so stay tuned!

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