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Home Spruce-up: Freshen up Your Foyer!

August 5th, 2013

Whenever the seasons change, it’s only natural that we change up our décor, too. In our new Home Spruce-up series, Jennifer will give you simple tips on how to touch up the décor in every area in your home for an instantly fresh look.

For me, the entryway or foyer of the house leaves a lasting impression to guests. The foyer is the first thing they see when they enter the home, so it helps to keep the space fresh and spruced up all the time. It might seem overwhelming, but revitalizing your entryway can be done with these easy touch-up ideas.


Organization is Key


A clean start

If you’re really keen in keeping your home tidy, start with your foyer. Place a few trays in your entryway and ask family members to put their shoes in them. Clumps of dirt and snow and dirty rainwater remain in the tray, making cleaning up your home much easier.



You can also mount some hooks in your foyer to serve as a coat rack. Similar to the idea behind the shoe trays, on days with inclement weather, a tray or towel positioned below the coat rack will prevent rainwater from pooling on the floor.



Illusions of Bigger Spaces


Field of vision



You can have a charming foyer even with a narrow or cramped space by placing a mirror on one wall. The reflective surface of the mirror adds depth to your foyer, making it look bigger than it really is. Another bonus: a mirror also gives you a chance for some last-minute checking to see how you look before leaving the house.

Slender symmetry



Here’s another quick and refreshing trick for a cramped entryway: put a slender table or console against one wall to bring balance to the narrow space. You can then add a few items onto your console. Personally, I’m partial to a mirror above the table and a wooden bowl to put my keys and loose change in.

Let there be light



To brighten up a space and to make it appear bigger, add a light source. Install a pendant or get a slender lamp for your entryway table. Great lighting adds character to a room and warmly welcomes guests.

Vibrant Hues


Warm colors on your floor and walls



A warm and cozy entryway creates a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Placing a clean, colorful rug in your foyer not only adds personality to the space, but also cuts down on the dirt and water brought into the house, especially when it’s raining or snowing outside. For instance, in our house, the rug lessens the mud and such that the kids track in a day of playing outdoors.

You can also hang colorful works of art. If your kids love drawing or painting, you can even have their works framed and displayed in the entryway.



If you’re itching for a foyer makeover, you can install new, colorful wallpaper or repaint your entire entryway through the help of our painting for beginners post.

A bright, comfortable welcome



You can also create a refreshing foyer with just a single accessory. Place a brightly colored chair by your entryway to give your family members a place to sit after a long day out or while they’re taking off their shoes. Guests who come over can also sit in the foyer while waiting for you or other family members. You can also put out a bench where guests can place their bags.

The pop of color from the chair or bench instantly brightens up the room and exudes a friendly ambiance.

These spruce-up ideas are only some of the things you can do to freshen up the overall appearance of your home. Do you have any touch-up tips you’d like to share?

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