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Jen Around the Web: Guest Post Round-Up (Part 2)

August 30th, 2013

It’s been such fun sharing my home decor ideas and tips with bloggers around the web, and it gets better with every guest post published! To say “thank you” to all those wonderful blogs who hosted me, here is another round of guest posts!

“From the Shore to the Home: Turning Sea Treasures into Everyday Décor” for Frugal Mom


Christmas Tree Market - Frugal Mom Guest Post


This post details how to repurpose your sea treasures from your beach vacation into home decorating items! These sea inspired items immediately turn a room into a lovely haven for your family.

“Repurposed Planters” for The Dollar Stretcher


Christmas Tree Market - The Dollar Stretcher Guest Post


Repurposing items is always good for decorating so this post for The Dollar Stretcher was fun to write! In this post, I made a list of items you can turn into planters for your own garden.

“Resurrect Old House Items with Plants” for The Trendy Treehouse


Christmas Tree Market - The Trendy Treehouse Guest Post


Plants and flowers always freshen up a room, and in this post for The Trendy Treehouse, I detailed some ideas on how you can turn old and dusty items inside the house into planters.

“Design Your Own Outdoor Sitting Area This Summer” for


Christmas Tree Market - Real Estate Guest Post


Summer means a lot of time outdoors, so it’s only natural that we make the most of it. In this post for RealEstate, I wrote about how you can design an outdoor sitting area without the help of professionals.

“Cozy Homes at Home for Furry Friends” for Pets Weekly


Christmas Tree Market - Pets Weekly Guest Post


In this post for Pets Weekly, I gave a list of places you can design your pet’s sleeping quarters. If you love your pet and you want to keep them close, then take a look at this post for ideas!

“Creating a Bedroom for Your Dog” for DogTipper


Christmas Tree Market - Dog Tipper Guest Post


Another dog quarters post because our dogs deserve the love! From blankets and rugs to pet accessories, this post gives the basics of designing a bedroom for your favorite canine!

There you have it ― another round of guest posts! Visit these blogs and check out their home decorating posts and ideas!

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