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Labor Day Picnic Items Around the Web

August 22nd, 2013

My kids love going to picnics, but they can be quite exhausting since they often entail a lot of preparation. Shopping online saves me time and legwork, and makes it easy for me to find affordable items that add a dash of color and flair to any picnic set-up. Here are some of my amazing finds that help take away the “labor” from a Labor Day picnic!

1. Color block wooden utensils

Color-blocked utensils for #laborday
Pastel color-blocked utensils give a fresh summery vibe

These wooden forks, spoons, and knives from Sucreshop on Etsy get their fresh, graphic look from the popular color blocking technique. Made of birch wood and hand-printed with non-toxic ink, these utensils are prettier and more eco-friendly than ordinary disposable plastic ones. The soft pastel hues are charming and perfect for perking up your appetite for delicious picnic fare.

2. Cloth napkins

Cloth napkins for #laborday
Cloth napkins are sturdier than those made of paper

Paper napkins may be handy and inexpensive, but cloth napkins always add a graceful touch to any picnic. Also, they’re sturdier and better at protecting your clothes from splashes and spills.

These handmade cotton flannel napkins from GreenLittleNest on Etsy are a great find. The subtle yet interesting vintage yellow color and white crosshatch lines are a great way to soften and balance out the busier designs of other picnic paraphernalia.

3. Dinner plates

Paper plates for a #labordaypicnic
Disposable paper plates make cleaning up much easier

Disposable plates help keeps things simple and easy at a picnic. When buying paper plates, get creative and choose designs that add a festive and stylish feel to your outdoor feast. offers disposable dinner plates with scores of patterns and designs to choose from. This colorful, dotted plate has a fun look and cool retro feel that everyone will appreciate. I also love these paper plates from Oriental Trading and The Tomkat Studio, which is one of my favorite party supply stores.

Disposable plates for a #labordaypicnic

If you prefer your plates a little sturdier and more eco-friendly, this plate from bibelot, which I’ve also featured in my 4th of July picnic must-haves post, is a good alternative. It can be re-used hundreds of times without it warping or breaking. Although it’s priced slightly more than quality paper plates, it’s still a cost-effective option.

Paper plates for a #labordaypicnic
Use reusable plates to save money and to help preserve the environment


4. Picnic blanket

Hand-painted picnic blanket for a #labordaypicnic
Settle on your preferred picnic spot with this hand-painted picnic blanket

This hand-painted picnic blanket from PBxH on Etsy instantly adds a fun, cheerful tone to your picnic. It has special waterproof backing that keeps you and your family dry and comfy even on damp grass. Acrylic paint is used for the colorful bunting design, so you can wash the blanket after the festivities.

Give summer a sunny send-off by having a fun and relaxing picnic on Labor Day. Whether it’s at the park or in your backyard, a Labor Day picnic is a fun way for families to cap off an eventful summer season. Look out for more great online finds, then come back and tell us all about your fabulous picnic picks.

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