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Home Decor Thrift Items to Buy

August 14th, 2013

Great and gorgeous home décor items don’t necessarily mean they have to be new and expensive. Thrift stores hold plenty of great finds that you can use to upgrade your home décor, while saving money at the same time. The trick is to find an item with equal parts usefulness and charm, the right touch of character, and a dash of wear. Here are some thrift store finds that give you value for your money.

Storage Items

Because you can never have enough storage in your home, take advantage of the affordable storage items that thrift shops offer!

Shelves and Crates


If you see a vintage hutch or shelf in good condition, don’t let it slip through your fingers! Old hutches and shelves sell cheap in thrift stores, and these pieces can easily be turned into additional storage solutions in no time. A thrift store hutch and shelf add character to a room and can be transformed into beautiful storage pieces with a bit of paint.


Crates and spools are also common finds in thrift stores. They’re great for storing books and other knickknacks. What’s more, they’re versatile so you can place them in any room of the house!



Dressers and Cabinets



Another affordable home décor idea from thrift shops is dressers. If you search thrift shops diligently enough, you’ll find a dresser that requires little fixing up. A newly refurbished, second-hand dresser is perfect as a linen and sheet storage and can double as a folding table in the laundry room.


Jennifer Lutz’s pin on Pinterest.

I also love this schoolhouse cabinet turned storage solution for the home. With its glass doors, you can easily see the items you’ve kept there, saving you time looking for stuff all over the house.


These baskets also make for an interesting storage piece on the front porch. Ask your kids to stuff their muddied toys in them before entering the house.






Thrift shops are filled with good-quality, charming furniture that look right at home in your own house. Furniture found in thrift stores let you have more fun when changing out your furnishings because you have a variety of styles to choose from, and at more than half the price. With these thrift store items, you have more leeway to experiment with décor and design.


Jennifer Lutz’s pin on Pinterest.


Dinnerware and Glassware

Affordable dining room items can also be found in thrift shops. A handful of mismatched plates and wine glasses can make any dinner party more fun and less pricey!


Walk around a thrift shop and you’ll find an abundance of colorful dinner plates and serving bowls for your dining table. I often find an incomplete set of vintage plates in thrift stores that I use for dinner parties. An incomplete plate set adds color and a quirky atmosphere to your table. Match them with another incomplete set with colors that complement each other, and you’ll have a fun tablescape to share with your friends!


Thrift stores are also teeming with second-hand glassware. Just like mismatched plates, you can use two incomplete sets of glassware for one of your parties to make your table more appealing. Just make sure that you use wine glasses with wine glasses, teacups with teacups, and so on.

You can also use your thrift shop glassware as candle holders. Find three water goblets (or any glassware with a wide mouth) of varying heights, place the candles inside, and use the goblets as your table centerpiece. Arrange the goblets by height or in a pyramid style, and voila! You just turned thrift store glassware into an elegant centerpiece.


Thrift stores are shopping havens if you’re on the hunt for home décor accessories.


They may not look it, but thrift store lamps are full of potential. With a bit of cleaning, re-shading, and rewiring, a second-hand lamp is a fantastic change-out option for your home décor.



When wandering thrift stores, keep your eye out for fine artwork. They may be harder to find than lamps, but a good piece of art can make the difference between a drab and a fabulous room!

Bedroom Décor



Now that I’m thinking of a sports-inspired theme for my eldest boy’s room, these sports banners and other accessories would be a good idea to hang on the walls. They’re fun to look at but not over the top!

Thrift stores are a treasure trove of home décor items, so explore these shops to your heart’s content. You just might find your next home décor gem.

Tell us how you would use your thrift store find.

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