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Decorating Your Rooms with Photos

August 27th, 2013

Put those beautiful photos, free posters, and other lovely wall décor to good use with these affordable decorating ideas.

I’m a big believer that artwork and photos personalize any room. But putting up photos can be a bit daunting. True confession: I have a phobia of putting nails into walls, especially newly painted walls. My thoughts sound something like, “What if I choose the wrong photos or artwork or the wrong number of pictures?” But with so many great ideas out there, from YouTube videos to Pinterest, I have no excuse anymore.

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Here are a few of my favorite ideas that I hope to try out soon (and I promise to keep you posted on my own progress):

Choose Your Focal Wall

Before hanging anything on your walls or choosing which pictures to mount, determine the focal wall of your space first. The focal wall is where you want your guests to focus when they enter a space, hence where you would want to hang your photo collage.

Identify One Common Factor

Once you’ve chosen your focal wall, identify the common factor that you want your photo collage to have. This common factor can be the frames, the mat board, or the types of pictures to be displayed.




Black, rectangular frames are the most popular type for collages because they are easy to lay out. However, if your frames vary in shape, you can still tie them together by painting the frames in one color. You can also paint the frames in various shades of a single color for a more fun collage!

Mat Board



If you want to give your collage a color scheme, do so by changing the color of the mat board. For example, a white mat board goes perfectly with a black frame for a classic black-and-white theme. If you used bright colors, choose lighter colored mats to complement the frames for a cohesive look.

One of my favorite ideas is to allow the mat board to be wider between your frames and your photos to give the collage a roomier look.

Types of Pictures

Collages are also perfect for establishing the ambiance of a room.

  • Family photos are favorites for the living room as they generate a warm atmosphere in the area. If you want a bigger impact, literally and figuratively, enlarge your family photos and display them in a grid. A grand family collage can instantly turn a dull wall into an eye-catching surface.


  • A typography print, with its cute and fun graphics, adds a stylish flair to the room. A typography collage can range from a group of typography prints to just one large print that takes up most of a room’s wall space.


  • Those movie posters and vintage album covers also make fabulous collages. These vibrant and fun images add the perfect pops of color to your décor.

Lay Them Out



Before putting up the images on your wall, test your lay out first. Arrange your collage on the floor as you would like to see it on your wall to avoid holes from mistakenly installed nails. Allow some space between your photos to avoid overcrowding your wall.

Another trick is to tape old magazine pages, which you have cut up as the same sizes as your frames, on the wall. With these pages, you can then install your hooks or nails. Here’s the full tutorial from two of the best DIY’ers online, YoungHouseLove. They give great step-by-step details as well as some of their own missteps.

Hang Them Up



Lastly, hang up your wall photo collage! Mount your frames at eye level or five feet from the floor, and allow enough negative space (the space from the ceiling or the wall corner to the first frame) to avoid a cramped wall.

Create lovely wall décor for your home with a few photographs or prints! Tell us what you would include in your wall collage?

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