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Home Décor 101 Extra: Arranging the Lutz Home

September 4th, 2013

Our previous Home Décor 101 post inspired me to apply the principles of furniture arrangement to my own living and dining spaces. So, without further ado, here’s how I arranged the Lutz living room and dining room!

Arranging and Rearranging

I love the new dining table and chairs from my mom, but arranging them inside the dining area posed a big challenge ― one I was happy to take on!

Space and Balance

Space was the biggest issue that I had when I rearranged the furniture, but I finally figured the best configuration for our living and dining rooms. I’ve been looking at our living room furniture over the last few weeks, and I kept on thinking that with our new dining table and chairs, the room would feel crowded. So, I decided to rearrange the living room furniture and tried the couch right across our fireplace, and it works! Here’s how it looks now:


Christmas Tree Market - living room and dining room view
I put enough space between the  living area and the dining area to keep the room fresh. (Photo by Jennifer Lutz)


I placed the cushy chair next to the sofa, facing the dining table, for balance. To maintain an intimate conversation space, I tilted the chair a bit to face the sofa. And with a lamp on either side of the couch, the living room area looks fresh without being overcrowded.

I considered turning the kids’ play area into a dining room, but it’s a bit farther than I would like from the kitchen, and we would lose an oft-used play area. With the new living room arrangement, the dining space doesn’t feel crowded and the living room set-up is cozy. I love it! Here’s how it looks like from the other side:


Christmas Tree Market - living room and dining room view
I placed the sofa by the window for a spacious look. (Photo by Jennifer Lutz)


What’s Next for the Room

Of course, there’s more work to be done. We’re planning on moving the bookshelves to the play area to open up a bit more space. After that, it’s time to hang pictures and such.

My long-term plans for the room include painting, using new curtains and pillows, installing hardwood floors, flanking the windows with built-in bookshelves, and eventually getting new windows because our current ones are over 30 years old. But, baby steps, right? It’s amazing that with the right furniture arrangement, I am much more content with the room as is. Of course, I’m looking forward to completing all the big projects, but this is a good start.

What do you think of my furniture arrangement?

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