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Home Décor To-Do List: A Review

September 23rd, 2013

A month ago, I listed down all the things I needed to do around the house for the last month of summer. And now that summer has officially ended, we can take a look at how I fared with my to-do list. You’ll be happy to note that we have been busy at the Lutz homestead these last few weeks! Here are the items I crossed off of the list:

A Place for the Dining Room Furniture

Dining chairs and table in dining area right next to the living room
Dining chairs and tables from my mom in the dining area


The dining table and chairs from my mother’s house made its home in my dining room! I’m satisfied with how well the dining room furniture works for the overall décor.

The Boys’ Room
We had the walls painted and the furniture rearranged! It’s amazing what a difference a few coats of paint can make. We still need to hang some pictures and get new bedding, but that may be a slower process.
The Guest Room Project

Guest bedroom with stripped wallpaper
The stripped walls in the guest bedroom


For the guest room, we already had the wall paper stripped. Now, we just need to prepare the walls for painting. We have also ordered in new windows and flooring for the room. All in all, I’d say the guest room is coming along nicely.
Big Steps on the Yard

Laying mulch on the front lawn
(upper left) My husband and a crew of college students pulling out shrubs and laying mulch;
(upper right) The twins helping out with the mulch; (bottom) The front beds with freshly laid mulch


We pulled out the existing shrubs, greens, and other unnecessary plants in front of our house. We just bought a whole bunch of mulch and used that on the front plant beds. We still need to pull out more shrubs and lay out more mulch, but the yard looks great so far. We’re also hoping to plant some new perennials and bushes in October.

I keep reminding myself that it is all a process. And with a lively crew such as ours, the work is never done. However, that doesn’t keep us from trying! I’ll take more pictures as our projects progress!

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