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Comparing Open and Closed Kitchens

September 19th, 2013

When you love entertaining as much as I do, you’ll find that the layout of the kitchen is an important factor in bringing your meals to the dinner table. Let’s take a look at the two kitchen designs that become the setting for our meal creations.
The Closed Kitchen is Traditional

Christmas Tree Market - closed kitchen with sliding doors


A closed kitchen simply means a kitchen separated from the dining room by walls and a door. It covers an entire room and is mostly considered a part of the traditional home.


Good things inside a closed kitchen

Christmas Tree Market - spacious closed kitchen in a country home


This traditional kitchen style is a closed-off, more formal layout for homeowners. It keeps the rest of the house (and the guests) from seeing the kitchen equipment and the mess that happens whenever you’re preparing dinner. A closed kitchen also keeps the cooking smells from reaching the dining or living room, and gives homeowners privacy during clean-up.
A closed kitchen’s downsides

Christmas Tree Market - closed kitchen with sliding door


The disadvantage of a closed kitchen design is that it’s secluded from the rest of the house, making it harder to bring the dishes to the dining room and vice versa. This inaccessibility also makes meal preparations a bit lonely for hosts because guests do not easily see them.
The Open Kitchen is Casual

The complete opposite of the first kitchen style, the open kitchen is an unobstructed, casual layout that has gained popularity over the years. The open kitchen design may or may not be separated from the rest of the area by a kitchen bar, a kitchen counter, or a low wall.

The advantages of an open kitchen

Christmas Tree Market - open kitchen with aligned counter and oven


The concept of an open kitchen allows for more socialization with your family and guests, giving them the opportunity to catch up and talk with you as you prepare meals. An open kitchen also expresses a more casual lifestyle, and doesn’t close you off from the rest of the house.

On the decorating front, an open kitchen design gives you the opportunity to have fun with the décor, allowing you to display all your lovely ceramics and plates on the open shelves or to rearrange your kitchen equipment as you see fit.

The disadvantages of an open kitchen

Christmas Tree Market - traditional open kitchen with proper ventilation vents

Without the proper ventilation, an open kitchen cannot contain the smells from meal preparation. An unobstructed view of the kitchen also enables your guests to see the mess you leave when preparing food, something not everyone would like their guests to see.

As with any décor, the type of kitchen layout for your house depends on your personal style. Which kitchen design appeals to you?

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