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National Good Neighbor Day

September 26th, 2013

Whether you live in an apartment, a townhouse, or out in the country, having a good neighbor is a real blessing. Honest and reliable neighbors make pleasant company, lend a hand when you’re in a bind, and generally help make your neighborhood a great place to live in.

On September 28, celebrate National Good Neighbors Day, and show your appreciation to the wonderful folks next door with a few sweet gifts or thoughtful gestures.

The Gift: If you have a green thumb, give your friendly neighbor a few decorative herb plants. Using repurposed tin cans as pots is inexpensive and adds rustic charm to your lovely green gift.


In her blog, Melissa Camara Wilkins demonstrates how to make a tea can herb garden with minimal fuss. Don’t worry if you’re not a tea drinker, coffee cans or any food can work just as well. The use of wooden garden markers makes these gifts a bright addition to your neighbor’s kitchen or garden.

The Gesture: Not really a plant person? Don’t fret. Whatever your talent, hobby, or interest is, share it with your neighbor. Offer some homemade baked goodies or a few books they may find interesting.

The Gift: Surprise a good neighbor with something simple and elegant. Mason jar candles are super easy to make and look beautiful anywhere they’re placed. They add a bit of romance to a casual candlelit dinner-for-two and are effective hurricane lights when dining outdoors. This poured candle project from Something Turquoise details how to make candles that you can give to new neighbors and even old-time friends. This is much safer compared to using white pillar candles secured only by pebbles or sand.

There are actually several options with a mason jar. You can put in some cookies that you’ve baked or a canned good. This would be on top of my personal list because I recently started canning.  Just last week, I made raspberry jelly and salsa. I would definitely take those over to my neighbor, and for the jam, I might include crackers and some good cheese, or maybe a loaf of broad.  For the salsa, I would probably pair it with tortilla chips.

The Gesture: And since we’re already on the topic of food, you can also get to know your neighbors better by inviting them for dinner some time. Don’t be pressured to prepare a big fancy meal. This is about building friendship, so there’s no need to be extravagant. If you’re more comfortable dining out, invite them to a casual place nearby for coffee or dessert.

The Gift: A DIY framed key holder is a pretty and practical gift to keep keys organized and homes looking neat. Lesley of The Purple Carrot created this useful and decorative key holder using a vintage wooden frame and a few screw hooks.


The Gesture: If your neighbor is sick or elderly, offer to run a few errands or mow their lawn for him or her. Sometimes, the most mundane act of kindness is the most meaningful.

National Good Neighbor Day is a great opportunity to foster a strong community spirit. We hope these simple tips help you reach out and create new bonds with the good people around your block.

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