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Home Decor Ideas from the Kitchen

The kitchen regularly ends up with duplicate items that we don’t know what to do with, but it’s such a shame to throw them away. If something is still functional and can be salvaged, why not repurpose them? For excess items that you can no longer use in the kitchen, here are some lovely home […]

Speed Clean Your Home in Under 1 Hour

Taking an entire day to clean out the whole house is great but with young kids and a busy schedule, that’s not always possible.  For times when guests are coming over, and you are caught between cooking and decorating, these quick home cleaning tips can give you a presentable home in under one hour. How […]

Projects We Love: Relaxshacks’ Modern Rock Room

It’s always great when I come across creative ideas for reclaiming unused space and turning it into something entirely new and wonderful. I’ve seen scores of decorating articles for turning an attic into a playroom or a store room into a home library. This particular DIY project shows you how to turn an unused area […]

Your Home in Order: 5 Ways to a Neat Cupboard

Keeping your cupboards neat and organized can be intimidating, but it is doable! For this month’s Your Home in Order post, I have collected a few home organization ideas to easily maintain well-kept kitchen cupboards. 1. If it’s heavy, put it at the bottom   Eclectic Kitchen by Other Metro Media and Bloggers Hilda Grahnat […]

Projects We Love: Curbly’s Painted Striped Curtain Makeover

In my continuing search to find new ways to spruce up my home, I came across a wonderful blogger who provided a fun and easy way on how to turn boring drapes into fun, whimsical curtains. Charlotte Smith (Ciburbanity) of the DIY design community Curbly offers an easy DIY project that allows décor enthusiasts to […]