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Projects We Love: Polkadot Poplars’ Pallet Wood Arrows

September 3rd, 2013

A few weeks ago, I came across a blogger who recently discovered her love for arrows. I honestly wouldn’t have thought arrows could be gorgeous home décor additions until I read about this very simple DIY project.

These beautifully crafted pallet wood arrows by Jessica from Polkadot Poplars are so pretty that they made me want to get started on the project right away!

What I love most about this DIY décor is that the finished product is unique and adds a bit of texture to the room.  The best part is that Jessica made this out of strips of wood from a recycled old pallet. And it’s really easy to dismantle one: You only need to use a reciprocating saw to separate wooden pallet boards from one another. Doesn’t that distressed pink piece look great? It really gives a pop of color to neutral walls!

This just goes to show that with the right materials and a bit of imagination, you can create something really delightful.

And while I like pallets more as storage solutions, this project makes me want to find a pallet at my local hardware store and do something awesome with it too!  Since I’m always looking for ways to get things off the floor, I like the idea of using the slats to create DIY racks. I’m also thinking of making a clock with three pallet strips or even stenciling a design on the boards.

If time permits, I might even do a bigger pallet project, such as a pallet couch or a pallet table.

Photo from eren {sea+prairie} via flickr. CC BY 2.0

Polkadot Poplars’ Jessica is a mother to three beautiful girls and a little boy. She loves all things classic and is passionate about transforming spaces through her dainty projects.

Visit her blog with her mom and sisters to learn more about their ideas and tutorials.

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