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Projects We Love: Relaxshacks’ Modern Rock Room

September 10th, 2013

It’s always great when I come across creative ideas for reclaiming unused space and turning it into something entirely new and wonderful. I’ve seen scores of decorating articles for turning an attic into a playroom or a store room into a home library. This particular DIY project shows you how to turn an unused area into a fun, personalized space.

Derek from Relaxshacks specializes in small living solutions, and one of his personal projects included converting his shed into a cozy man cave. As you can see, the shed was originally filled with lots of bits and ends from various projects, workshops, and moves.


With a few friends, some fantastic yard sale finds, and a modest cash out, Derek created this incredible space which he dubs the “Rock Room.”  The sparse design and a combination of vintage items give off a relaxing vibe that makes this space a perfect hangout or break room.


I love how the orange coffee table unifies the whole look – who would’ve imagined it was made from a broken picnic table? The sky light is also a great touch as it provides a lot of natural brightness in the room.

My husband and I love the idea of someday building an outdoor tree fort for the boys along these lines. But in the meantime, along the lines of Derek’s idea, we could find some underutilized space around the house and set up an indoor tepee for them to romp around in. Pre-made tepee kits are available but a building a homemade one seems a lot more fun. Simply hang some sheets, blankets, or a burlap cloth over a clothesline or from the ceiling. Add in some cushions, a small table, and a lamp, and you have a cozy little hideaway where kids can play and hold their super-secret meetings. This type of indoor fort can be conveniently put up wherever there’s space, and quickly taken down when you need the room.


Indoor fort


Building a fun, functional area out of an unused space lets you maximize what you already have, cutting down on cost and inspiring you to be more creative. How do you want to utilize the unused space in your home?

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