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Home Decor Ideas from the Kitchen

September 12th, 2013

The kitchen regularly ends up with duplicate items that we don’t know what to do with, but it’s such a shame to throw them away. If something is still functional and can be salvaged, why not repurpose them? For excess items that you can no longer use in the kitchen, here are some lovely home decorating ideas.

From tea to candles


Give your cracked and handle-less teacups new life with this repurposing idea! Turn your chipped teacups into candle holders by simply melting candle wax then pouring it into your old teacups. You can even make colored or scented candles for variety. Check out Design Sponge’s feature on Kate Pruitt’s DIY teacup candles for a full guide. This teacup candle is easy to do (it won’t take up an hour of your time!) and is an affordable alternative for updating your home décor. It also gives your cracked and chipped teacups better use than throwing them out.

Use these teacup candles as your dining table centerpiece when entertaining guests, or give them away as gifts to your friends!


Kitchen cabinets for organized clothes or books


If you’ve replaced your kitchen cabinets with new ones, don’t be in such a hurry to get rid of the old ones yet. There are plenty of ways to repurpose your kitchen cabinets in other parts of the house.


laundry room cabinet


Update your laundry room by using your old kitchen cabinet as a laundry organizer. This home decorating idea gives you more storage for your laundry and saves floor space in your laundry room. Old kitchen cabinets can also serve as additional bookshelves, with or without the cabinet doors. All your cabinets need is a new coat of paint for a fresh look, then you can put your laundry or books inside them.


A serving tray to hold décor


Serving trays have plenty of uses around the house, each of them even better than the last.


serving tray to hold your centerpiece


If you lack a coffee table in the living room, you can make one using a serving tray. Place your tray on an ottoman to act as your coffee table, and decorate it with a slender vase of flowers.  You can also use your serving tray to hold a couple of books or decorating accessories on your mantel.

For your dining room, a serving tray is a great way to display your centerpiece, such as flowers or candles.


Cake stand as a pedestal


cake tray as soap holder


You can repurpose a cake stand as a holder for your soap and shampoo bottles in the bathroom to lessen the soap residue and rings left by these bath products.


In the bedroom, a pretty cake stand can serve as a jewelry or accessory holder.

Refresh your home décor with these kitchen items. If you have your own ideas, share them here!

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