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Your Kids’ Closets: Organized and Revamped

September 16th, 2013

When your kids’ rooms need a boost, but you don’t have enough time to tackle everything in one go, start by upgrading their closets. For me, the closet is my go-to starting place when I want to liven up the kids’ rooms. Once I get it in order, everything else seems to fall into place.

Giving your kids’ closets a fresh look will not only encourage them to keep their things in their proper places, but also give their rooms a much needed lift. Of course, I wish I could pull a Mary Poppins, snap my fingers, and watch as toys get kept and clothes fold, hang, and organize themselves. Enliven your kids’ wardrobe with these closet revamping and organization ideas!

Repaint the closet



The easiest and most convenient way of revamping your kid’s closet is to repaint the closet. However, I’m not talking about the exterior. Spice up your kid’s wardrobe by repainting the backs of their closet in their favorite color! You can also match the paint to the rest of the room’s theme to give the space uniformity.

Hang things up



Kids will hang their stuff up on their own, if you give them the right incentive. Freshen up their closets with new metal hardware and hooks. I’m a big fan of hooks — they are stylish and help keep items like backpacks, robes, and belts off the floor. Setting up new hooks instantly updates their closet and gives your kids more space for all their stuff.

Divide and conquer



Your kids’ closets have enough space, it just needs to be utilized better. For better closet organization, divide the closet space into sections through the use of colorful boxes and wire baskets. Sweaters, jackets, caps, and scarves that can be folded can be put inside the boxes; bath towels, backpacks, and other big items will be right at home in the wire baskets. These boxes and wire baskets can easily be stacked to fit your kids’ closets, thus saving space.

Giving your child’s closet a makeover can be easy and fun with these closet organization ideas. How about you? How would you revamp your kid’s wardrobe?

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