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How to Recycle Old Christmas Decor

October 31st, 2013

Christmas is just around the corner, and the hunt for lovely Christmas decorations is on! When decorating for the holiday season, do you know that you can still use your old Christmas ornaments through recycling? Give new life to your old but still useful holiday ornaments with these fantastic and easy-to-do Christmas decoration ideas!

Holiday Bowl


silver Christmas ornaments in silver bowl with pine needles and branches


If you have old Christmas balls with nicks and missing or broken hooks, don’t throw them away just yet! Collect old Christmas balls and place them in a bowl or clear vase. This Christmas decoration idea makes a great centerpiece for your living room table, fireplace mantel, or dining room.


colorful Christmas balls in glass food covers

You can also use hurricane glasses and glass covers to encase your old Christmas balls. Place them on the dining table or your nightstand for a touch of holiday cheer!

Filled Christmas Ornaments



Another awesome and money-saving Christmas decorating idea is to gather all your clear baubles and fill them with colorful yarn! This is one of my favorite ideas, because I have bins of leftover yarn that I always feel guilty for not using. Can’t wait to try it!


A variation of this idea is to fill your clear ornaments with tinsel to instantly glam up your Christmas décor. Place them around your tree, and watch as the lights create a shimmering Christmas decoration for your home. The best thing about this idea is that you can replace the “filling” of your ornaments if you want to change them up ― a perfect solution for next year’s décor!

Recycled Pine Cones


old pinecones painted in gold leafing
(left) Materials I used for the pinecones, and (right) finished pinecones


You can breathe new life into your old pine cones with just some quick and simple touches! Grab a can of gold spray paint, and spray the tips of your old pine cones to make them look like new. For something even more vibrant than spray paint, you can use gold leaf. I was inspired by this DIY from The Sweetest Occasion, which I followed pretty closely, when I tried out this project early this week.



Attach your gold-tipped pine cones onto a string to make your very own pine cone garland. You can also put pine cones in bowls or hurricane glasses as a dining table centerpiece, or place them on your mantel for a charming décor. Your old pine cones also work great as decorations to revitalize your old Christmas wreaths!

Revitalized Wreaths


Much like with the pine cones, berries give you simple ideas to spruce up your Christmas decorations! Revive an old grapevine wreath with berries, and round off the design with a ribbon. This particular wreath was dressed up with a bit of felt (another great way to clear out the craft drawer). But it would work just as well with dried or faux berries.

New, on-trend ribbons lend a fresh look to your old wreath, so a chevron or a burlap ribbon is the ideal complement for your revamped decor. This Christmas decoration idea also works for an evergreen wreath or a boxwood wreath.

Old Christmas Cards as Ornaments


Grab some ribbon and a handful of old Christmas cards to make your own holiday card ornaments! String them up on some dried branches, and gather them in a white vase or pitcher to give your dining table a fun centerpiece!

You can make the old new again with just a few fun and simple changes. If you have other ideas you’d like to share, share them in the comments section below!

Photos by Jen Lutz


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