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Creating Your Own Fall Wreath

October 23rd, 2013

Having wreaths around the house during the fall is becoming more popular these past few years, and with good reason. Fall wreaths are a delightful way to pay homage to the season, and it’s easy to make your own wreath using materials you use every day. Create the perfect wreath this season with these fall wreath ideas!

Bring warmth with burlap

Burlap is a simple yet effective material in creating a fall wreath. It has a warm earthy color that’s perfect for fall, and it can easily be used both as a base and as accessories.

Wrap your wreath in burlap to use it as the base. Lace and fabric flowers can be used as accessories. Top off your wreath with a strap of ribbon for hanging.


You can also use burlap as an accessory for your wreath. Make a big bow out of burlap and pair it with bunches of fabric flowers for a simple and lovely fall wreath.

Cover your wreath with acorns


Acorns can make an amazing base for your wreath! Their lovely, warm brown tone matches the hues of the season, making them easier to pair up with accessories. For an acorn wreath, you’ll need lots of acorns, a glue gun, and patience. All You has an easy-to-follow tutorial that you can use to make your own acorn wreath.

Give a bounteous look using pine cones


When you want to have a wreath that reminds you of an autumn harvest, use pine cones! Pine cones have a natural neutral hue that goes well with the fall color scheme, and they give a bountiful look to your décor. If you think that a wreath made entirely of pine cones may be hard work, you can just use a grapevine wreath and glue plenty of pine cones on it. A pine cone wreath can be placed just about anywhere ― on the door, by the mantel, or by the living room windows!

Create a colorful vibe with felt


This is a fun and colorful fall wreath idea, especially if you’re using a simple grapevine wreath! Gather felt fibers in the colors you want and make rosettes out of them. You can make them in various sizes to give your wreath better texture. Afterwards, attach them to your base wreath using glue or string, then round off the project with a strap of ribbon for hanging. Place your finished wreath on the door for a warm welcome into your home!

Which one of these fall wreath idea suits your fancy? Drop us a line in the comments section below!

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