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Quick, No-Sew Halloween Costumes for Kids

October 16th, 2013

If you find store-bought costumes too pricey, sewing together a Halloween outfit is a great alternative. But even if you’ve never picked up a sewing needle in your life, you can still make your child a unique and colorful costume for the 31st. These creative costumes require only a few inexpensive, everyday items and are quite simple to put together.

A Bunch of Grapes or a Bag of Jellybeans

With a simple pack of balloons, you can assemble a number of costumes that’s bursting with fun and color. To make a bunch of grapes get-up, start by blowing up purple or green balloons. Have your child wear purple or green form-fitting clothes, such as a tight shirt, leotard, tights or leggings, to match the color of the balloons. Carefully pin the balloons to your kid’s suit, making sure that the balloons touch each other. Boom! Your kid is now a bunch of grapes!

To dress as a bag of jellybeans, cut leg and arm holes into a large clear plastic bag. Have your child step inside and fill the bag with blown-up jellybean-colored balloons. Trim and pinch the top of the bag around your child’s neck, secure the opening with tape, and tie a red ribbon to complete the look.

A Rad Robot Costume

Building a bright robot costume is easier than you think. To start, select cardboard boxes big enough to fit your child’s torso and head. Mark and cut openings for your child’s head, arms, and legs, then tape down all flaps. Use metallic silver or chrome spray paint to color the boxes.

For awesome robot arms, measure lengths of dryer ducting and secure them into the arm holes with tape or zip ties. For shiny robot hands, feet, and legs, simply wrap your child’s gloves, shoes, and jeans with strips of silver plumber’s tape.

Get creative and find various items around the house to decorate the costume, such as reflectors, broken toy parts, computer cables, and plastic bottle caps. Use a permanent marker to draw designs and other details.

Classic Lego Fun

If your child loves playing with Legos, then he or she will love trick or treating as a Lego brick. Take a child-sized cardboard box and cut holes for the head, arms, and legs. Spray paint the box with your child’s favorite Lego brick color.

To make the little round pegs, spray paint round plastic containers a similar color then use a glue gun to attach them to the front of the cardboard box. Have your child wear clothes that match the costume’s color, and your human building-block masterpiece is done!

With a little time and creativity, a homemade costume can be even more charming than a pre-made one. What are your Halloween costume plans this year? Be sure to share your ideas or photos in the comments section below.

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