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Jen’s Favorite Recipes (And What to Serve Them In)

October 13th, 2013

As soon as the air turns cool and leaves begin to change for fall, I immediately think of potlucks, comfort food, and beautiful crockery to serve these dishes in. These easy fall recipes are perfect for chilly nights when everyone’s craving for their favorite warm and delicious meal. And with beautiful bakeware, not only will you serve delicious food, you will also create a festive fall tablescape for family and friends

Quick and Easy Fall Recipes to Warm the Stomach

Ina Garten is my favorite celebrity chef because of her amazing talent of adding a touch of gourmet to everyday food. Her recipes rarely fail me, so I’ve collected a few of my favorite fall recipes from her, plus a basic stew recipe that your family will love!

Chicken pot pie



This classic chicken pot pie is a staple for chilly nights! Although it takes about two hours to prepare and cook, the chicken pot pie is a favorite comfort food filled with chicken and veggies that I always have to make every fall. Of course you can make other variations like vegetable pot pie or simply exchange the crust for biscuits.  If I’m pressed for time, I’ll just buy a rotisserie chicken instead of cooking and preparing the meat myself.  Check out this fantastically easy chicken pot pie recipe by Ina Garten.

Simple beef stew

I like to keep everything simple and easy, and that philosophy extends to the kitchen. I use this basic beef stew recipe as a base stew, then add whatever vegetables I have on hand. This gives me more variations for a simple recipe and keeps the family from growing tired of beef stew! Try out this simple beef stew recipe from Joy of Cooking.

Classic apple crisp

A full fall meal would not be the same without dessert! Another recipe from Ina Garten, this old-fashioned apple crisp gives a crispy and delicious take on the classic apple dessert. Make your apple crisp even better with a scoop of ice cream.


Beautiful Serving Platters to Match Your Food

Of course, having a special dinner wouldn’t be much fun without the lovely crockery you can serve it in. Check out these beautiful serving platters to complement your delicious meal.

Le Creuset French oven


Nothing says fall than a family-sized French oven! Prepare and serve your beef stew in this orange Le Creuset Dutch oven from Macy’s.  I love that it can go from the stove top, to the oven and finally to the table. It can be a bit pricey, but if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it’s definitely worth it.

Deep dish baker


This Macy’s Le Creuset deep dish baker has just the right depth for your apple crisp. A great thing about stoneware dishes is that aside from being able to bake in them, they also make a lovely addition to your tablescape. Personally, I love the blue variation of this dish, but for a color that’s a perfect match for fall, you can also get the dish in mustard yellow, flame orange, and cherry red.

Lovely pie dish

The rich colors of these Emile Henry Artisan pie dishes make baking pies more fun for me! The ceramic pie dish can go from the oven to the dining table with no trouble at all! Again, this makes serving much easier and more beautiful.

Printed floral table napkins for fall
These Etsy table napkins are perfect for a fall tablescape


For a final touch, serve dinner with fun fall napkins to tie everything together. Talking about food makes me hungry, so if you have any easy fall recipes to share, send some my way! I’d love to try them out!

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