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Getting Together for Fall

October 27th, 2013

Fall is the perfect season to gather friends for low-key get-togethers. Generally, the weather is pleasant and there’s still time before the busy days of preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here are some ideas for a simple get-together this fall:

Football Party

With the NFL season in full swing, it’s a great time to camp out in front of the TV and have a winning football party.

football game being watched by fans
Gather family and friends to watch football at home


Who to invite

Invite your family, good friends, and colleagues, even those who are not particularly keen or familiar with football. This party is basically a great opportunity to get together and have fun, and it may just convert non-aficionados into full-fledged football fans. If you’re brave, have guests wear shirts supporting their favorite team. In our case, this can get a bit crazy. We’re huge Ohio State fans, but now that we live in Michigan, we’re in “hostile territory.”

What to prepare

Set the stage by decorating your house in your favorite team’s colors and carrying over those colors to your tablecloth, napkins, and party ware. Expect to rearrange some furniture and haul in some extra seats so everyone gets a good view of the TV screen. But don’t worry if your house gets a little crowded — my theory is the more the merrier!

What to serve

What’s great about a football party is that you can stick with casual food.  Snacks such as chips, dip, nachos, salsa, popcorn, and nuts as appetizers work well. Keep the cooler stocked with everyone’s favorite beers and you’re good to go!

pot of chili with wooden spoon balanced on top
Serve some chili


For your main course, make something substantial, such as barbecued ribs, juicy hamburgers, or this chicken chili recipe from Lucinda Scala Quinn, who’s the food editor for Martha Stewart. If cooking isn’t your game, order a few pizzas and Buffalo wings, and you’re all set.


Bonfire Party

If you want something more laid-back, host a bonfire party and get ready to enjoy the crisp autumn air.

For something more intimate, host a bonfire party instead


What to prepare

If you don’t have a backyard fire pit, follow these instructions to build a safe and simple bonfire. As a precaution, have fire extinguishers, shovels, and buckets of water nearby. Provide guests with simple seating and a few blankets in case it gets too cold. Don’t forget to prepare sturdy plates, cups, and a cooler full of drinks.

What to serve

Keep things fun and easy by serving hot dogs and sausages, which guests can cook on the open fire, as well as a variety of condiments and toppings.

marshmallows speared on metal prongs, roasting over an open fire
Roast marshmallows over an open fire


Before the party, cook a batch of steaming butternut squash soup, and serve it in mugs to warm up your guests. For dessert, I might have a bowl of grapes or apples available, but more likely than not, I would bake brownies or chocolate chip cookies. Simple apple crisps would also do, and do-it-yourself S’mores are a classic crowd-pleaser.

Enjoy the warmth, laughter, and good company of family and friends this chilly fall season with these simple get-together tips.


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