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Decorating Ideas for a Stylish Fall Fireplace

October 21st, 2013

The fireplace usually functions as the focal point in the room and immediately draws your attention. Although the fireplace looks fantastic when lit, there are still times when you don’t want to burn wood. When you want your fireplace to look amazing in the fall without lighting it up, here are some alternative ideas you can do with it.

Keep It Simple with Wood


When you want to keep your fall fireplace décor simple, use wood, and lots of it! Fill up your fireplace with chopped firewood of all sizes to bring a cozy look to your hearth. Filling up your fireplace with wood also keeps the area ready for the coming winter season.

And if you think that a bunch of stacked wood is too cliché, try this colorful firewood idea! Brush a few strokes of paint of varying colors on the ends of your firewood, then stack them up beside or inside your fireplace for a polychromatic display.

Fill with Seasonal Displays


Pumpkins are the perfect seasonal display for fall! They come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even decorate your pumpkins to match the rest of your décor. For a fantastic fall fireplace, set one large pumpkin on either side of the hearth, then fill up the inside with pumpkins of different sizes and shades. Start with the big ones at the bottom, then place the smaller ones on top. Finally, line up decorated pumpkins in front of the hearth to round off your fall fireplace display.

Pay Homage to the Season


When you’re sprucing up your mantel, and you want to use the fireplace as well, turn the space into an area especially dedicated to fall. A fireplace screen brings a fun element into your fall fireplace décor. Gourds, acorns, and candles also create the perfect fall setting for your fireplace and mantel. Place a fall wreath in the center of the mantel, then add some candles and a handful of miniature pumpkins. Fill a small basket with more gourds and acorns, and set it beside the hearth for a harvest-like look. If you want to keep the space warm and cozy, add a chair with a cushion and a throw to complete the look.

Create a Makeshift Bookshelf


Inspire reading during the season with this fun and easy fall fireplace decorating idea! If you have several books lying around the house with nowhere to put them in, use the empty fireplace as a bookshelf before winter comes. You can fill up the fireplace with the books, or you can go for a more subdued look with only a few stacks of hardcovers. Either way, you’ll turn your fireplace into a cozy book nook in no time!

There are plenty of ways for you to match and mismatch elements to create your own fall fireplace décor! Try these ideas, and see if you can come up with more. What do you think? Which idea will you try out first?

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