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Gorgeous Shiny Thing’s Living Room Miracle

October 25th, 2013

Redecorating a room can be a daunting task. Thankfully, crafty blogger Danika Herrick of Gorgeous Shiny Things proved that just one new piece of furnishing is all it takes to jumpstart a room facelift.

Danika’s goal was to brighten up her living room, so she purchased an area rug with soft tones to replace her old dark brown rug. She loved this new rug so much that she decided to redesign the room around it.


Painting your walls is a pretty quick and effective way to make over any room. Inspired by the rug’s color palette, Danika painted her living room walls a turquoise mist. For an even brighter splash of color, she dotted the inside of her IKEA bookcase with citron yellow paint.  What a great IKEA hack!


Danika continued the new color scheme with stylish chevron fabric pillows.  New throw pillows are a great choice when you want to easily and affordably update a living room. This project is motivating me to update my own throw pillows.  I’m thinking about something to warm up the room for the winter months.


What I love about this project is that different elements — the curtains, the pillows, and the rug underfoot — feature different patterns yet create a cohesive look. I especially love the simplicity of what Danika did with the bookcase. Those dots were subtle details, yet they created an interesting visual spectacle and are totally in sync with the entire look of the living room!

kitchen with white and blue dining chairs, yellow table cloth, blue curtains, and white cabinet
Our redecorated kitchen last year


Finding inspiration when you want to redecorate doesn’t need to be hard. At the same time, your inspiration doesn’t need to be expensive. It can be something as simple as the existing furniture and textiles you have, like my blue dining chairs and yellow tablecloth, which I took inspiration from to come up with blue curtains for my kitchen. If you’re a travel nut, you can also let your favorite destination become your inspiration.

Be inspired with the things around you, and incorporate the things you love in your home design. As long as it’s something would enjoy having for a long period of time, that would be perfect.

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