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How to Host a Halloween Party

October 20th, 2013

It’s the middle of October, and Halloween is about to knock on your door. Gather your family and friends for an all-age trick-or-treat bash filled with frighteningly good fun and food! Try out these simple and inexpensive ideas, and host a Halloween party that’s simply to die for.

Decide on a theme

Having a party theme adds oomph to your celebration and allows guests to prepare their costumes accordingly.  No matter how simple or elaborate you want your party to be, be sure to choose a theme that interests you or your child. If your family loves the idea of zombies, you can go for a terrifying zombie apocalypse theme or perhaps a “Plants vs. Zombies” showdown.

zombie make-up
Costumes and appropriate make-up are a must in every Halloween party


You can base your theme on superheroes, fairy tales, classic monsters, or even Hollywood stars and movie villains if you are a film buff. To encourage your guests to come in their finest costumes, you can mention in the invitations that the best costume wins a prize.


Decorate your home

Dressing up your home with scary decorations is great fun. From grinning Jack-o’-Lanterns and spine-tingling skeletons to decrepit gravestones and candles dripping with blood, there are a lot of ways to create the haunted house of your nightmares. Try replacing a few white light bulbs with red ones and playing spooky organ music in the background.

skeleton sitting on a chair and other Halloween decorations
Decorations for All Hallows’ Eve


If you are expecting young children at the party, it’s best to turn down the truly scary décor and gory props. Instead, opt for harmless cobwebs with rubber spiders, floating ghosts with smiley faces, friendly monsters, and cartoonish black bats. Play kid-friendly Halloween songs and use apple scented sticks to stimulate the senses.


Lay out a spook-tacular spread

Ordinary snacks and refreshments become a frightful feast with a few Halloween twists. Check out these clever, easy recipes and serve tempting treats such as Slimy Worms in a Bun, Creepy Eyeball Meatballs, and Witch Finger Cookies.

cookies shaped like witch fingers
Munch on witch finger cookies


Sometimes, just coming up with a scary, creative name for popular party foods will do the trick. Print out tags to identify macaroni salad as a “bowl of brains,” tortilla chips as “ogre toenails,” and chicken wings as “barbecued bat wings.” Finally, make an ice hand by freezing water in a latex glove and adding it to blood red strawberry punch for a grisly, ghostly touch.


Hold Halloween games and activities

Make standard party games more fun by giving them the Halloween treatment. Bobbing for apples becomes “bobbing for hearts” when you add red food coloring to the water.

bobbing for apples
Bobbing for apples: A classic Halloween game


Play “Pin the Tail on the Werewolf” or have a bone-chilling game of “Skeleton Scavenger Hunt.” For variety, add in some craft activities, such as Halloween mask-making or trick-or-treat bag-decorating.

Just follow these simple tips and you and your guests will surely have a howling good time at your Halloween party.


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Photo by kinwart via flickr. CC BY 2.0

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