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Jen Around the Web: Guest Post Round-up (Part 3)

October 18th, 2013

The entire month of September was exciting and busy, especially with nine published guest posts! So, let me take this opportunity to say “thank you” to my hosts!

Here’s another round of guest posts for the month of September.

“After the Move: Setting Up Your New Patio” for William Paid


Setting up Your New Patio

Arrange a space to relax on your patio or deck! This post details how you can set up your porch or patio even without major decorating skills.

“How to Create a Countertop Container Herb Garden” for My Hammer Newsroom


How to Create a Countertop Container Garden

We love food, and we love using herbs for them. This article gives you a wonderful way of enjoying both! In this post, I’ve made a list on how you can make your own herb garden on your kitchen counter. Convenient and enjoyable, I promise.

“Repurpose Vintage Décor with Jennifer Lutz” for The Trendy Treehouse


Repurpose Vintage Decor with jennifer Lutz

In this post, I’ve listed ways on how you can use vintage items to freshen up your décor. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this one because the ideas in this post are simple and fun, and easily add a piece of history to a room!

“Ideas: Decorate with Color” for Corporate Housing by Owner


Ideas: Decorate with Color
You know that I love adding pops of color to my décor. In this post, I’ve enumerated the ways you can use color to create a fresh look for your home.

“Freshen Up Old Furniture for Fall” for Moms Get Real


Freshen Up Old Furniture for Fall

You can keep your home décor fresh with just a few, quick tricks! In this post, I’ve listed a handful of ways you can freshen up your furniture with a bit of color and style perfect for fall.

“Design Options for Hardwood Floors” for Floors to Your Home


Design Options for Hardwood Floors

In this post, I’ve listed down the various floor designs you can use to make your floors stand out. Check them out to see which design works best with your décor!

“Incorporating Bamboo into Your Home” for Natural Handyman


Incorporating Bamboo Into Your Home

Bamboo is both simple and lovely, and is an excellent option for home décor. In this post, I’ve counted off the ways you can use bamboo inside your home.

“How to Bring Home the Beauty of Bamboo” for Tip Hero


How to Bring Home the Beauty of Bamboo
Another bamboo post! Home décor options for this eco-friendly tree can be quite ubiquitous. Check out this post on how you can use bamboo to make an even lovelier home.

“How to Choose the Perfect Bed for Your Pet” for PetPlay


How to Choose the Perfect Bed for Your Pet

Pets enjoy having their own bed and blankets, and as pet owners, we want what’s best for them. I’ve made a checklist of what your dog or cat needs for their private space in this blog post.

There you have them! Check out these posts, and hopefully, you’ll get some great tips in them as well. See you again for the next guest post round-up!

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