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Kitchen Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

October 3rd, 2013

The kitchen is where we spend most of our days preparing our food, making the area one of the busiest places in the house. And since we all get drawn to the kitchen (our stomachs are the culprits), keeping the room as cozy and warm as possible is on the top of our home decorating list.

To keep the area from becoming an eyesore, learn some of the most common kitchen decorating mistakes to avoid.

Neglecting Your Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen with low lights, stove, sink, cabinets
A dimly-lit kitchen is a common decorating mistake


Is your kitchen too bright or too dark? Lighting is important in a room as busy as the kitchen. A too-bright kitchen can come off as glaring and stark, while a poorly lit kitchen creates a depressing and inefficient atmosphere.

To give your kitchen adequate lighting, evaluate and determine the areas that need more or less lighting. An easy way to add illumination during the day is to throw open the windows. Dimmers are great for balancing light as well. Also, use a combination of general and task lighting according to the purpose of the area, like the stove and the counter. Lighting can also be vastly improved by painting your walls a brighter color.

Personally, I like a bright kitchen for the very practical reason that I can clearly see what I am doing, whether it’s reading a recipe, chopping vegetables, or reviewing my kids’ homework.


Keeping the Golden Triangle Apart

Kitchen with a stove and fridge lined next to each other


Another kitchen decorating mistake is having the refrigerator, stove, and sink far from one other. Known as the golden triangle principle in decorating, these three elements get the most usage inside a kitchen. Keeping them close together makes food preparation easier and your kitchen look organized.

I never realized how helpful the triangle rule was until we moved into our current house. In our old house, the stove, refrigerator, and sink were arranged in an L shape. It was fine, but in our new home, these three items form a perfect triangle, making preparing dishes more efficient for me. Give me more counter space and I will be really happy! But for now, having those three areas in easy proximity is a big help.


Putting Fashion before Bunction

Choosing fashion over function is always a mistake when decorating the kitchen.

Matching everything together

Spacious modern kitchen with black appliances and cabinets with black tones


Yes, matching décor looks good on a magazine page, but when used inside your home kitchen, it looks impersonal and cold. A silver oven will look just as good paired with a black finished refrigerator, so don’t be afraid to mix your décor a little bit. Add a personal touch to your décor to keep the kitchen warm and cozy. For instance, putting up some of your kids’ artworks on your fridge adds charm to your space.

Having outdated décor and appliances

Rusty dashboard of a white stove
An outdated appliance can take up too much electricity


Kitchens also have design fads — a huge kitchen that takes up two rooms, stainless steel everywhere, and many more — and, unlike vintage or traditional décor, these design schemes go out of style as easily as they became trendy. Streamline your décor by avoiding these fads and sticking to appliances and furnishings that reflect more of your personality than what is currently “in.”

Bypassing good ventilation 

Simple kitchen with sink, microwave, and stove with no hood


You don’t want the house to smell like roast chicken all day, so invest in good ventilation. This can be pricey, though. To save money and energy, simply make use of your windows to air out your kitchen.


Not Having Enough Storage

Small kitchen with bottles, plates, and jars on the counter


As I’ve mentioned before, you can never have enough storage. With adequate storage, you can organize your kitchen items and display your lovely ceramics. Mount overhead cabinets to save counter space. Label spice canisters and designate a container for your cooking utensils.

Avoid these decorating mistakes to always have a lovely yet efficient kitchen. How about you? Do you have any kitchen decorating mistakes to share?


Photo credits:
Photo by Alex Ansley via flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0
Photo by Clifton via flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0

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