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Decorating Mistakes to Avoid in Your Living Room

October 2nd, 2013

Have you decorated and re-decorated your living room countless times, but still feel that something is off? If so, you may have committed one, or several, of the most common decorating mistakes along the way. To improve the look and feel of your living room, here are some of the most basic designing pitfalls to avoid:

Displaying Too Many Items

Putting all your favorite possessions in the living room makes it look cluttered and congested. In this principle, more is definitely not merrier. Take a cue from your favorite interior design magazine and limit the number of picture frames, candles, and other accessories to display. Keep in mind that too many artworks or photos can also be distracting, especially when they’re hung haphazardly.

Allow your overcrowded living room to breathe by selecting the most important items and storing the rest away. Later on, you can rotate in the other pieces to keep your living area looking fresh and interesting.

Cluttered living room


If you simply must display your entire collection of figurines, travel memorabilia, or other knick-knacks, place them throughout your home or keep them in a glass cabinet case.

Pushing Furniture up Against the Walls

Many homeowners tend to place furniture up against the walls, thinking it helps make the room appear larger. However, this only serves to make a room look more cramped. Position your sofa a few feet from the wall to leave some area for foot traffic behind it. This also creates intimate living spaces where your family and guests can gather together and feel close. Conversations will become warmer and more comfortable.

Blue couch pushed up against a living room wall


You can check out our Home Décor 101 post on furniture placement for other tips.

Matching Too Much

Don’t worry about all of your furniture being matchy-matchy. Instead, go for well-coordinated pieces. In all honesty, a room has more visual interest and tells a better story when you mix a bit of old and new elements together. So don’t hesitate to mix an heirloom or vintage piece with your IKEA bookcase or coffee table.

Pale blue couches and armchairs


Don’t try to purchase your living room décor all at once. Take your time and build the look by getting pieces from different stores, collections, regions, and even time periods. Get your storyboard and combine the various elements to check if they go well together. Remember, the best living rooms feature different pieces that create a beautiful, cohesive look while retaining their individual personalities.

Follow this simple guide and see what a big difference a little planning makes to your living room. Have you overcome your own set of decorating mistakes? Share your success stories with us in the comments section!

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